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The Death and Burial of William The Conqueror

So the days passed and still William wrestled with the church regarding his pardoning of Robert, his eldest son, and Odo of Bayeux.

Finally, after days of negotiation; William so nearly agreeing, then thinking better of it, like pulling out a bad tooth, the clergy prevailed. They managed to extract William’s pardon of Robert for the ills the son had done him, and with the fervent help of his half brother, Robert of Mortain, he also agreed to allow Odo freedom from captivity.

Not only that, but he agreed to allowing him back his considerable holdings in Kent.

By now, August had given way to September, and on the 7th. or 8th. of that month, Rufus, who like everyone else, knew the end now was very near, left his father and travelled to England to claim the Throne.

He took one companion who’s name we know for certain. Robert Bloet, who had been his father’s trusted chaplain and was to prove equally loyal to Rufus. He was probably entrusted with the king’s signet, perhaps the Great Seal and certain important letters. There must have been an armed escort, but who they were, we’ll never know.

An interesting point was that there was no-one there who could be said to represent England herself in any way whatever. Not even the English archbishops had been summoned to attend.

Just as Robert had stayed away during his father’s confinement, he saw no reason to attend the funeral either. Henry joined the Norman bishops and abbots for the funeral, which was held at St. Stephen’s, Caen, William’s foundation and his chosen mausoleum.

The burial scene degenerated quickly into the most abominable farce. Instead of making sensible provision for the size of the sarcophagus to accommodate the king’s enormous size, they idiotically tried to force the corpse into a container which was obviously far too small. The result was that the body literally exploded.

The resulting stench, apparently, was quite beyond belief, and everyone rushed from the church, who’s walls, ceiling and floor by now were covered in bits of king, screaming and holding their noses. We have to ask what Henry, as his only son present, was thinking. Why didn’t he do something to clear the mess and at least ensure his poor father a decent burial?

When it reached the ears of Rufus, he immediately commissioned the goldsmith, Otho, to erect an expensive monument made of gold and silver and adorned with jewels. There’s no question that had Rufus been present, he would have taken full control and made certain that what was left of his father’s corpse was properly interred.

Lanfranc was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time, and while a good friend of the Conqueror’s, was not a confident. Apparently, when he first heard of William’s death, he himself nearly succumbed.

The King is dead, long live the King

So, the King is dead. Long live the King! Please do visit Mike Bond’s website, where there’s so much to see and learn. Just click on; [http://www.thedestrier.com]

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Question by Thai woman with master degree: What do you think about this forward letter, Thaksin?
Dear friend,
You want to know why Khunying Photdjaman went to see Pa Prem, and what they talked about?
Khunying had a message to be passed on the King of Thailand through Pa Prem. The bargain of Thaksin is:
•As for the hidden shares, he will return ten billions to Thailand and pay penalty. In return, no jail sentence.
•As for other small technical mistakes he will pay compensation to the State, five billion baht.
•As for causing disunity and division among the Thai people, he is very sorry. He was well meant. He will create a Foundation for Peace and Unity in Thailand with five billion baht.
•As for having created heavy concern to the King Himself, he is extremely sorry, promise to wear the yellow shirt all his life, and ask for Royal Pardon. Besides, he will contribute to Royal Projects ten billion baht.
•As for the Thai Rak Thai, he will dissolve it into thin air. He and his former associates will not have any role or activity in politics for five years.
•He loves Thailand and the Thai people. He is home sick. He wants to live in peace, play golf, go shopping from time to time to Paragon and eat khuitiaw in a normal restaurant. He will do normal business, pay takes by the new rules, and visit monks. (Since his wealth has greatly diminished he will not be able to make much merit in thambuns for a few years).
•Briefly: he pays, he gets Royal Pardon, and no jail for him. He promises to be a good boy from now on.
That was the message of Mr. Thaksin to Pa Prem for the King.
Khunying Photdjaman only said she khit thing Thailand very much, was not pleased with Harrods, and did not like English tea. Therefore she hoped to be back soon in Thailand with 100 pieces of luggage and another 100 of small shopping gifts for the new government members, to show their gratitude.
This simple request took only fifteen minutes.
Pa Prem did not say anything, only that he would pass the message to the King.
End of the visit.

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Answer by JohnRingold
Um ok . Good for him.

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Around the Square
S. The 19th letter of the English alphabet. From the Greek sigma. A borrowing from the Phoenicians. I wonder if they want it back.”Pardon me, but that S belongs to us. And we're tired of lithping.” But sigma is the name of the 18th letter of the Greek …
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Before the President of the United States: In the matter of the perition for pardon of Frank M. Ryan … [et al.] To be treated as the individual … letters. Extract from stenographic report

Before the President of the United States: In the matter of the perition for pardon of Frank M. Ryan ... [et al.] To be treated as the individual ... letters. Extract from stenographic report

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The Jodie Emery Show - October 20, 2011

Marc continues to be busy with his prison band “Yazoo” and has sent Jodie a beautiful prison hand made card. He has 992 days left in prison – you can see the daily countdown at www.FreeMarc.ca. October 20th, 2010 was the day we lost medical marijuana activist extraordinaire Michelle Rainey to cancer. One year later, Jodie remembers Michelle and encourages everyone to visit http to show your support continuing her activism. Read about her and watch tribute videos here: www.cannabisculture.com You can still sign the White House petition to Pardon Marc Emery at wh.gov and check out the other cannabis related petitions to sign too. Much is happening in the cannabis culture, both in Canada and the US Go to www.CannabisCulture.com to stay informed and find out how you can get involved to help end the War on Cannabis. Keep right up to date with Jodie and Marc at www.Facebook.com www.Facebook.com www.Facebook.com www.Twitter.com www.Twitter.com Send Marc a letter! Address and guidelines at www.FreeMarc.ca as well as blogs and updates.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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30 Responses to “The Death and Burial of William The Conqueror”

  • WeAskThePeople:

    PULL the PLUG on the federal Government.. they are stupid evil & stuck in the past. VOTE THEM OUT.. people power … VOTE THEM OUT… freedom of choice.. VOTE THEM OUT … just watch the politicians PANIC as they see the tide turning..


  • WeAskThePeople:

    don’t you wish there was some power that justifies HUMAN RIGHTS..
    don’t you wish there could be some power that makes people listen to their conscience.
    don’t you wish HUMANITY would come to it’s senses. & be compassionate.

    GOD’s WILL on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN.

    we are all appalled at USA HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES.

  • mortuaree:

    Jodie you are one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen! Great video, you are so strong, sincere and inspiring. RIP Michelle. All my love and well wishes. Warm regards <3 xoxox

  • porkchophaynes0206:

    your wierd

  • A E N:

    I guess this is a case of corruption and bribes, payoffs, special interests and backroom deals. Typical politics if you ask me, aside from the cultural differences.

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