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President Obama Grants Presidential Pardon To Turkey Before The Thanksgiving Holiday – November 24, 2010

presidential pardon
by jvoves

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Climate legislation could be have a symbiotic relationship with Goldman Sachs, many of Sachs ex-employees are bureaucrats working in the White House[1];Obama was involved in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), which is 50% owned by Goldman Sachs. Does this administration want to show America that they care about the American people? — let the gov. take care of you, like they have with healthscare, and stimulus-es because they are smarter.

—Form tigerdroppings-com/rant/Chicago Climate Exchange 4/27/10

“While serving with Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers’ brother, John Ayers, on the Board of the Joyce Foundation in Chicago (1994-2002), then state Senator in Illinois, Barack Obama, funded the establishment of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). The Head of the CCX quotes the future worth of the annual business of the CCX at TEN TRILLION DOLLARS, 2/3 of the worth of the trading of all American businesses on the financial exchanges per year (FIFTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS).

Who owns the CCX? Fifty percent ownership is GOLDMAN SACHS. Another 10% is owned by an outfit out of London which includes Al Gore, David Blood/Goldman Sachs, + 3-4 other former Goldman Sachs executives.

How did the CCX get major funding from 2002-2010? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are heavily invested in the CCX. (this may explain why Fannie and Freddie are supposedly exempt from the financial “reform” fiasco)
The CCX stands to make its 10 TRILLION DOLLARS per year once Obama gets the Congress to unwittingly pass the infamous Cap & Trade Bill, personally crafted and overseen by Obama and his cronies…..”

With healthscare, the insurance industry was the bad guy; the Republicans are the party of NO – (although their alternatives are just not acceptable, because Obama will listen to any reasonable alternative); TaxedEnoughAlready people are against big government – because there is something wrong with the people in gov. telling America what is acceptable, and dumping their mandates on the commoners who at one time could make their own decisions.[2]

By now is should be evident the progressive socialists/Marxists in the government want to control private industry, by any means necessary, the remaking of America into United Socialists States of America seems to be worth throwing some people under the bus, after all, IN THE END ALL WILL MAKE OUT LIKE BANDITS, — except the commoners paying for the ponzi schemes, — as long as people keep believing in scapegoats, such as Arizona is denying illegals proper rights – when all they are doing is obeying Arizona law, which has been in place for protection, the Feds are doing a poor job of protecting the boarders, — the people of Arizona have to protect themselves; – but never mind that, the illegals (and prisoners, and naive Americans’) are more important, they could be future votes for re-election of Obama.

Dumping bureaucrat made carbon mandates seems to be more important than protecting the victims of the oil spill —- Who will be Obama’s adversary so he can dump c*ap & tax (HR2454) on America? – HE MUST ESTABLISH AN ADVERSARY TO JUSTIFY HIS ACTIONS. — Is

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