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The Great Curtain Debate: Made to Measure or Readymade

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by wallyg

Article by Paul Simon

One of the most crucial parts of interior design is the art of window dressing. Whether acting as a principal attraction or discreetly accentuating the room’s decor, curtains are very important for the look and feel of an interior room.

Choosing curtains can often become an impossible feat with such a large range of colours, styles, fabrics and patterns. The best place to begin is picking between readymade or made to measure.

Readymade Curtains

With a good selection of designs out there, ready made curtains undoubtedly are a fast and simple option in cases where time isn’t working in your favour. If you should select ready made curtains you are safe in the knowledge that you could head to just about any home furnishing or department store, pick up a pair of curtains and be back in your home hanging them before the day is out.

Where readymade curtains potentially fall short (pardon the pun) can be the marriage between your perfect design and your size requirements. Perserverance is key; a little bit of searching in store and online may be required to get that perfect match. With a good range of widths and drops available, curtain shopping can certainly be a cinch…as long as you remember to measure properly!

The biggest nod to readymade curtains though is the fact that they will be cheaper than made-to-measure versions. With price tags starting from less than ?20, even the most miniscule budget can be catered for.

Curtains Made to Measure

With an almost endless selection of fabrics and designs to choose from and a growing number of retailers (online and high-street) now offering made-to-measure services, you stand a very good chance of getting exactly what you want. Allowing for even the most obscure of window dimensions, exact measurements mean all windows, despite their unusual sizes, can be embellished with your brand new curtains.

More choice for your curtains comes again in the form of headings. Choices between pencil pleat, pinch pleat, tab top and eyelet headings can offer totally different finishes to curtains meaning that the same material can look completely original based on your selection.

If you find time really is of the essence then the made to measure approach may slow your schedule down. Then again, a large number of retailers offer a service of approximately a week between ordering and shipping – a vast advancement compared to former timeframes.

Nowadays prices for custom made services are very reasonable. There’s no denying that made to measure curtains are more costly, however the pricing is relative; you get what you pay for and what you’re purchasing here is choice and precision.

Curtains can be crucial

Too often people are quick to hang any old fabric up at their window however the importance of curtains plus the functions they perform truly are significant. Make sure your curtain decision is a wise one and pay heed to the benefits below:

– PrivacyGood curtains stop the outside world watching your every move so go with lined curtains or better yet, blackout lining to ensure optimum privacy.

– Keep warmRather than bumping up your heating, simply shutting your curtains prevents heat from escaping through the windows making it one of the most effective ways to help keep warm.

– Money savings Cut costs on your energy bill by simply settling on thicker curtain materials. Shutting your curtains at dusk when it starts to get cooler will save you many a pound.

– Making your mark What better way to show your personality than through the decor in your home. A staple part of every room, the choices you make in your curtains will truly exhibit who you are to your family and friends.

About the Author

Paul Simon is a leading UK home furnishings store with 50 branches in southern England.Check out the range of curtains online and even order made to measure from the website or in your local store.

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