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The Great Indian Civilization Overtook The Total Slave System In Ancient Social Transitional Phases In The Indian Society By Jumping Out The Slave Sys

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by SS&SS

The Great Indian civilization overtook the total slave system in ancient social transitional phases in the Indian society by jumping out the slave system of Greeks, Babylonians and     Europeans as a different way of Marxism, in India

Without going into the different controversies on the period of Manu, on whose name, the Manu code of laws, in India is well known and it has been established its credibility as well as notoriety from the history of its translation , and having no reason to raise any question  in mind  in setting aside of its applicability by many political parties  and finding no fault on rejection  of Vishva  Hindu  Parishad in India during the life time of dr. Baba sahib Ambedkar, whose Manu dahan divas, 25 December 1927 was celebrated by Dalits ,and feeling no happiness over  distancing vhp from owning Manusmriti by the Vishva Hindu Parishad in 2006. Manu smriti have its total verses, 2685, In which only verses 1214 are authentic as claimed by Sri Surendra Nath. Here no attempt could be made in any form  either to invite any controversies on declarations here on such verses for interpolations or in supporting the  remaining the other verses of 1471 in the Manu Code of Laws.

.Manu Smriti, has been translated by Mr. G. Buhler as’ laws of Manu’ he had an opinion about its composition that it is made in1500 B.C and it is one of the eighteen Smritis. .Most of  Hindu organizations in its web sites claims that its composition period was 200 C.E in India. Though the periods may different upon its composition, Manu, who has composed Manu Code of Laws with his identification, noting  the very existence of surrounding territories, rivers, and other social classes at that time. He is known as law giver of the Indian civilization with all rules he set according to his own way in differentiating every human being with the categorization of others by following the set of rules from the birth to death with all ceremonies and sacrifices for all the people of his fold what he aspired from the people as Brahman, Kshtriya, Kaisya, and Sudra who claimed Sudras to serve these three cast’s people as their occupation authoritatively in the 1st of 91st verse

One occupation only the lord prescribed to the Sudra to serve meekly even these (other) three castes’. 

Dr. Ambedkar was very much particular about the untouchables during the freedom struggle under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. Both were already set their different agendas in the independence struggle. The agitations they led in different ways as their thoughts were in the sense and spirit on each others’ diversified causes at that time of freedom movement,  The communist party of India, under the influence of the Stalin, took a separate way against the Gandhiji’s way in India in line of keeping the coalition forces in the global level against the Hitler

 Dr Ambedkar was known for his capabilities in presenting the issues before the people and his writings were still influential and inspirational to the Dalits and downtrodden from that period to present day. Unfortunately his writings and his capabilities were not recognized by all sections of the society as he has stood in his entire life for the Dalit causes which were known in the sacred

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