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The hype and the truth about Neways

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by jvoves

Article by david verge

The hype and truth about Neways

Because of restrictions of self-promoting in many blog sites, ezine and news articles, I am only going to relay the facts and only facts as I see obvious. These facts are not meant to prejudice or sway opinions; they are merely the facts to explain the obvious which is clouded most of the time in hype and promotion.

Neways International is a company based in Utah although its many branches reach around the globe. It is established in more than 29 countries and has more than 500,000 distributors who are the force behind Neways. It is for certain a home based business geared towards the individual who wishes to make his income through referral marketing, network marketing, attraction marketing or by personal contact with people who are interested in Neway’s products. It is based on a MLM setup, but differs from your classical MLMs in its regulations and opportunity. It is basically a company that provides a product for the health conscious individual and at the same time gives the individual an opportunity to profit from their participation in Neways.

As we grow globally, we must eventually turn green (or ecologically minded) in all products from cars, to medicine, to health, to recycling, to everything and all things that we use every day. This is a basic fact or we will surely burn out this globe before it has the chance to help us as humans to develop to the next level. Look at what has happened in just the last 200 years; we’ve gone from carts to flying machines. Our growth is exploding at an amazing rate and we are paying the consequences Global warming is a fact and have you ever wondered what we do with all of that trash, plastic or just plain ‘stuff’ Visit story of stuff. Yes we progress, but we are killing our fish, oceans, air, lakes, land and everything else we need to survive. We are creating disease by the way we eat, we are trying to take a SHORT CUT, but to where? I just hope we will have the courage as a people to change our ways in order to protect our people as a whole. “The distance doesn’t matter, only the first step is difficult” -Mme. Du Deffand. Pardon me of me sounding like an Oral Roberts evangelist, but we as Americans are viewed as leaders and should take a leadership role in this field. Without sounding biased in any way, Neways is moving in that direction. Taking that first difficult step.

I would like to add some comments from Brian Gavin and Jeff West about Neways. Neways products are totally green with emphasis to succeed in producing and distributing products that are made using only natural ingredients. These products are made to maximize your health your health. The management of Neways has gone to great length to make sure that they are providing their customers with only the best that is made from the highest quality, from nature’s ingredients.

Harmful chemicals, a mainstay in our everyday normal purchases are eliminated in Neways products. It decided to create a line of alternative personal care products without the questionable ingredients. Neways becomes synonymous with health and its mission is simple; to enhance health, wealth, and well-being of people around the world.

The next misconception is that because of its hierarchal structure is that Neways has to be a scam, a get-rich quick opportunity laden with hidden fees and dire consequences if you do not buy their products. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is a well established business, promoting its products through people who care about their health. It is an open business with an open window for all to see how it works. Just visit http://www.ineways.com/bonheur for a clear overview of its mission, its history, its products and the opportunities it presents.

I hope I have dispelled some of the rumors of Neways. You will not become a millionaire overnight as many think, but will be presented with the opportunity to make your own home based business at your pace. And depending on the effort that you put into this adventure will definitely reflect upon the profits that you receive. The world has to change and it is changing albeit at a slow pace, but slow is better than none. More cars are becoming hybrid, recycling is becoming a main stay with Americans, interest in alternative power is booming, especially with the presidential elections-such as air and solar. There are many visionaries out there in this world, trying to clean up the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. Neways happens to be one of them.

I hope I have kept this article as close to the honest truth as possible without subjective prejudice, but to tell you the truth, I’d rather use Neways toothpaste than Crest and rather use a naturally made soap from Marseilles than Irish spring (ever wonder what they put in it to make it smell like that???)

Eat and live well

Quiero mas, mucho, mucho mas

Alferrak, beti lanez, beterik. – A Basque proverb, where you can find the translation here on the Esaera Zaharrak page.

About the Author

master cabinetmaker, raised in USA and Europe, man of many interests. Now i am a distributor for Neways.

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