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The Last 5 Good Reasons To Start Writing Articles

Article by Elmar Sandyck

Coming down to the last five good reasons to start writing articles, we are finally concluding this post and let me just state at the outset that I really appreciate the comments coming my way.

I especially find the comment of Jack of WebHosting amusing and quite spot on! Of course, when all else fails – you lack the talent, you lack the time – a good alternative would be to just hire a professional writer to do it for you! J

Moving on, here are good reasons numbers 11-15:

11th Good Reason: Entice People With Your Free Information

Who doesn’t want anything that’s for free? We are all suckers for that. (Pardon the expression!) But, seriously, everytime you offer something that doesn’t require any payment, people would just want to avail of it. Nothing to lose for them, really. So, with the free information you are offering through your well-written article, you really invite people to connect with you.

12th Good Reason: Expand Your Reach

One of the commentators for this post, Jayne Kopp, was right when she mentioned that you project yourself as an expert when you start writing articles. Moreso, when you publish a lot of it and it gets published in a number of ezines. The more articles you churn, the more you spread out yourself out there and you eventually become well-known or popular. Being an expert is truly one of the best ways to reach out to a lot of people!

13th Good Reason: Slash Your Promotion Time Investment

You could do away with a lot of marketing activities when you start writing articles. It cuts down on your time to actively promote something because once you put out content; it basically speaks for you in volumes.

14th Good Reason: Build Your Brand Faster

This good reason to start writing articles is actually a reiteration of the 12th good reason. Once you have established yourself as an expert in your field, you will eventually become a trusted name or brand that people can rely on for valuable information.

15th Good Reason: Boost Your Ezine Subscriber Base

In a nutshell, the adage that really applies in this case is: the more, the merrier! The more ezines you send your articles to, the more returns in terms of subscribers will you get!

Lastly, the best good reason to start writing articles is reading comments and feedback from your followers. Thanks, guys! Makes interaction a total breeze!

About the Author

Online Marketer Expert Elmar Sandyck Invites You On A Discussion About The Good Reasons To Start Writing Articles. Feel Free To Visit http://www.InternetMastermindStrategy.com

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