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The Long and the Short of It

Article by Lianne Kennedy

As a tall lady dating has seemed to be more complicated for me than my more average heighted counterparts. Maybe spending my life looking down on people has given me a misguided sense of superiority. So settling for a vertical challenged man quite frankly has always fallen a bit short of the mark.

It is difficult to explain the need to be with a man that is taller than me and I have been accused, on more than one occasion, of being too finicky. If you generally find that men are taller than you then you probably haven’t given it too much thought. If I were to ask a female friend of about 5’6″ if she would date a man of 5’5″ she would probably say that she wouldn’t mind. It is easy for her to take the higher ground though because the odds of it actually happening are fairly remote. I don’t have that luxury; at 6′ tall I’ve met plenty of ankle snappers.

The problem with the height difference is that I don’t want to feel big. I want to feel like a woman. I want to feel protected; I guess it is human nature, or maybe animal nature. It is strange though because as a confident lady I don’t actually feel like I need protecting but it would just be nice to know that, if the need arose, the man on my arm could rise to the challenge.

The problem is, however, that everyone has got the same idea and short girls seem to be attracted to tall guys too. Now this is the sticking point for me. They don’t need the really tall ones surely? To add insult to injury tall men don’t necessarily feel the need to be with tall women. They want a little girl that they can protect; it’s that animal nature thing coming in to play again. So the short girls and tall guys couple up and reduce the stockpile leaving women like me with little choice.

Short men, however, seem to grow egos to make up for their lack in leg length. This results in them being overly attracted to tall girls in a ‘want what you can’t have’ fashion. I have lost count of the amount of times a short guy has asked me if I would ever date someone of his height. My responses vary according to my mood. Usually a ‘pardon’ or ‘don’t get up’ does the trick. The standard reply is ‘it doesn’t matter when we’re horizontal’. I wonder if that line has ever worked!

So having spent many years struggling with this problem I have decided that there should be a penalty system for those taking from the tall man stock. If I see one more couple walk by where the girl is ridiculously short in comparison to the guy then I’m going to scream. It doesn’t matter whether I want to be with that particular guy or not. The point is she is reducing the stock which quite frankly is unfair. I think that if there is a difference of, let’s say, over 6″ they should pay a tax which should be used to help the rest of us suffering in singledom.

After all just because I can reach the top shelf doesn’t mean that I want to sit on it for the rest of my life!

About the Author

Lianne is a highly motivated individual. She has a First Class Honours degree, a French Masters degree and is qualified to teach English as a foreign language. Lianne has a real passion for languages and effective communication and this has led her to set up her own business ventures.

Lianne’s company, Kanudle, provides an online dating profile writing service. Whether you’re just starting your online dating experience or your current profile needs a makeover, Kanudle can help you get the attention you deserve.

Lianne has dated online herself and, therefore, knows exactly what it’s like and how much of a minefield it can be. She has spent a lot of time analysing dating sites, profiles, and how different changes alter response level and quality. Lianne knows exactly how to make a profile stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. She realised how many people could potentially do with some help writing their dating profiles and so Kanudle was born.

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