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The Omnibus Crime Bill C-10 Passed in Ottawa

The Omnibus Crime Bill C-10 was passed on Monday, March 12, 2012 in Ottawa. This crime bill will vastly change most of the laws pertaining to legal issues, the justice system and all matters regarding crime in general.

To many Canadians, this seems to be news that has no real relevance on their livelihoods because, for the most part, many Canadians go through their daily routines without a thought about the criminal side of the law. For those who aren’t concerned about or conscious of the judicial system and how it can in fact affect lives of other citizens, the new Bill seems to be just another change that remains in the realm of red-tape and paperwork.

The thing is, it isn’t just as separate a world from the one we live in. The bill will change many things for most citizens. The general consensus is that every 1 in 10 Canadian has a criminal record. The number will vary and many citizens think, “Hey, that’s not me”, without really recognizing that perhaps now with the changes it just might be them.

There is some confusion about what it means to have a criminal record. Most people are under the assumption that as long as you have not been convicted of a crime, you are record-free. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. If you have had any altercation with the law, whereby you have been charged, fingerprinted, regardless of whether charges have been withdrawn or even acquitted, you have a criminal record. Even if you’d been pulled over for a DUI years ago, you have a criminal record. Or you would have had one if you had not been pardoned.

And there is where the new bill changes things. Now, you cannot be pardoned. With the new Crime Bill proposed by the Conservative government, the terminology “pardon” has been phased out and replaced with “record suspension”. That’s not all that changes; the eligibility criteria and waiting periods also have been changed.

There are a lot of things we aren’t always aware about, especially when we do not believe it would affect us. It may be only later on down the road when we realize we should have paid attention because when we do realize it, it’s much too late. For those of us who put off getting a pardon until some later time, we must now bid that aspiration goodbye. Now we must settle for suspending our records.

Priya Kumar writes about issues pertaining to criminal records and the system and procedures which relate to criminal records in association with Record Suspension Services of Canada. For more information about the Crime Bill, or about record suspensions, contact 1-800-298-5520.

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Juan Manuel Marquez’s tune-up for Manny Pacquiao is Likar Ramos. The three judges who scored Paul Williams’ controversial win over Erislandy Lara have been suspended indefinitely by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. Rick Strom talks with Editor-in-Chief of Boxing.com, Robert Ecksel. TYT sports on Facebook – www.facebook.com Follow Rick on Twitter – www.twitter.com
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Question by greggynyds: Suspension Record?
Does anyone know what the single season record for most suspensions by a team is? The Flyers have to be on pace to break it with 5 so far.
I do not know, and I was asking for total suspensions, not games.

Best answer:

Answer by Spud
Probably like 10

Add your own answer in the comments!
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33 Responses to “The Omnibus Crime Bill C-10 Passed in Ottawa”

  • carlo132ful:

    what are your name on steam

  • MinecraftMcGee:

    @berlinwood1997 that is because you only have the demo of fraps which you can only record 60 sec you have to buy it for 37$ or bittorrent it

  • JoeeGFX:

    1 min clip is 2GB? Really.

  • no_dirt_on_my_shoulder:

    im trying to understand this. your asking how many suspensions are the record for a season by a team in the nhl. then u state the flyers are on pace to break that record. does that mean u know what the record is or that u are runing ur mouth. also are u going for number of games lost or just total number.

    we both know who will know

    sorry my whole thing was i woke up to several flyer related questions dealing with the suspension. kinda took out on this guy some of the frustration.. surprised those two dont know know. looked online and its going to be a pain in the u know what but as long as it stays being a slow day i might be able to get something figured out

    so far this is closest thing to finding anything worthwhile
    an entire roster was suspended in 1925. now it was more of due to them no showing cause of labor but it does go down as a suspension. lity think that works as the record.

  • C-Leaf.:

    Haha, Jared, your very right.

    anyways, who knows? i’m sure it’s not much more then 5, but i’m not dissing the flyers, they are a great team.

  • craigb421:

    just a few seperate instances played up by the media……………….downie made a rookie mistake; cotie is just a goon; boulerice was another goon and we dropped him; randy jones made a young mistake and hartnell was just finishing (shame the guys head was right at the crease of the boards)…………….i love it………….make these teams scared to go into the corner against us

  • Bob Loblaw:

    Good question and one I would also like to know the answer to. Cyrenaica????

  • Like I'm Telling You Who I A:

    Bob………sent an email to Cyren..he doesn’t know, nor does he know how one could figure it out as none of the stats pages record ‘so and so missed x games due to suspension’

    I’ve got a call in to a couple of other cronies who might know and I’m awaiting a response.

    I honestly can’t recall any team having 5 suspensions in a year previously though.

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