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The Power Within Is Yours!

Article by Roy Cook

How many times have you said “If Only I could Do That”I used to say that to myself very often, till I realizedthat I can do Anything I want, if I want it enough!Lately, I don’t really set goals, I just think them, and work toward accomplishing them, a day at a time. I see myselfhaving already accomplished the task I set in my mind, andwithin a few weeks of concentrated thought, or less, I haveachieved that goal. I’m not talking about small tasks, just the Big Ones that I would have thought would take me Many months, or even years to accomplish.I often break up the Big jobs into smaller steps, and setthe priority of each step in order of their importancetoward accomplishing the Big Job, and complete eachtask in order of importance.Lately, my big task is one of changing my whole lifefrom working for other people to being completely Self-Employed. Yes, I do have my own business on the internetselling books and information products, but I stillhave My Day Job!I have worked for Other People for the past 40 out ofmy 49 years in one capacity, or another. Most of thattime I have worked as a CNC Machinist machining metalparts for many different things, and the work has beeninteresting, but I am growing weary of the J.O.B. andthe Time Clock! I need more money, and time to enjoyit. It’s time for a Big Change!I recently made a change in my attitude, and my Agenda.I vowed to be completely Self-Employed by the age of50. Will I make it? My answer is YES!I am determined to make it, but I can’t do it alone.I am in business to make money, and to help other peoplechange their lives, like I am doing to my life.My business is helping others to realize their Truepotential of accomplishment, be it either Mental, orPhysical through reading books and information productsthat were written for that purpose.Do you know the Good that you can do, if you aredetermined to do it?Most people don’t, and are more concerned about gettingthrough their lives, and meeting their living expenses.Pardon me, but that is Not Living! it is Just Surviving!That’s what I have been doing all of my life, and I WantMore! I’m sorry, but I want Much More than just to survive in this lifetime. I want to make a difference,and I have already – to many people, and will to many more!After you have finished reading this article I want youto visit my website, and look around. Make yourself athome, and read a few pages. Then, after you are finished,send me an email about what you think about my website,good, or bad. Remember, criticism is often just a differentview point.Remember, Only You Can Change Your Life, If You want to!If you are comfortable with your lifestyle, then let itbe! But, if you want to change, the first thing that youneed to change is your thinking toward yourself, and yourlife. Then decide what you really want to accomplish, andsit down in a quiet area and write out your plan, and re-write as many times as it takes to get it worked out ina logical, and practical order. Then plan each day accordingto accomplishing a step in the Master Plan!Hey, Have a great day, and remember: You are your own Master!Roy Cook

About the Author

Roy CookOwner, Writer,Publisher, Webmasterwebmaster@celestialvisions.comhttp://www.celestialvisions.comBooks, CD’s, Business Reports,Life Improvement Information,Home-Business Information.Business eBooks and information.Celestial Visions Co.P.O. Box 95697Hoffman Estates,IL., 60195-0697

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