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The Safe Streets and Communities Act Restricts Some Canadian Pardons

Canada’s Harper government and the 41st parliament introduced the September 20, 2011 new legislation designed to restrict the ability of certain types of criminals to obtain pardons for their offenses to qualify for jobs. This is meant to filter them out from employment where they would be a risk around children, the ill, or the elderly.

There is an emphasis on protection against violent and sexual crimes, especially against those who are underage. The law is made to protect the young; there are also sections that generally state that criminals will have less access to the public and more difficulty finding work when that job is one where a clear criminal record is an important requirement.

Minister Nicholson stated: “I am proud today to announce that our Government has fulfilled its commitment to Canadians to produce legislation to make our streets, families and communities safer.

“We campaigned on a promise to get tough on child sexual offenders, crack down on illegal drug trafficking, and improve the overall efficiency of our judicial system. Canadians gave us a strong mandate to bring forward these reforms.”

They used this chance to announce laws such as The Protecting Children from Sexual Predators Act (former Bill C-54); The Ending House Arrest for Property and Other Serious Crimes by Serious and Violent Offenders Act; Sebastien’s Law (Protecting the Public from Violent Young Offenders); The Penalties for Organized Drug Crime Act: The Increasing Offender Accountability Act; The Keeping Canadians Safe Act; The Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act – and other great-sounding titles that further enhance the justice system to whatever amount that may or may not affect you in your ability to secure a criminal record pardon in order to obtain certain types of work.

Another part of the law doubles the minimum sentence for marijuana production from 7 years to 14, but go on to include an aggravating factor of “for the purposes of organized crime” ….but who’s going to define what type of crime will be called organized? A small conspiracy of a criminal nature is organized but they’re not hiding around every corner or necessarily a violent threat to the public. Their lawyers could have an uphill battle proving that they’re not The Mob when the police might have a couple of bags of evidence and a list of phone numbers. It may not be a definition stretched out too far right now but ideally we should be seeing a better society with more freedom with more freedom where a pardon application isn’t the only thing standing between a person and a job. The Government however wants to make it clear that some offenses are off-limits when victims are involved.

The Act provides provisions to increase higher penalties for possession of date-rape drugs in order to cut down on the incidents involving GHB and flunitrazepam, by moving these up to a higher drug category, schedule 1. Penalties have been increased for offences involving dealing drugs around schoolyards or to children. Moreover it will be taken more seriously when drugs are produced nearby and constitute a hazard to the children in the immediate area.

Long called for by many I’m sure, but as we all know most good law is common sense; when laying down rules you should keep in mind that more laws lead to more laws. The Judge who rules on each law may have some draconian sentences up his sleeve if he comes upon a case that qualifies. The Canadian pardons process as it is spelled out in The Safe Streets and Communities Act won’t guarantee certain types of employment to every ex-offender.

So stay out of jail, grandma, or you won’t get a job around kids, the Right Honourable Member from Niagara Falls has spoken.

Pat Boardman is an SEO Consultant writing this in regards to Canada Pardon Service, with offices in Toronto to assist those Canadians with criminal records to obtain a pardon, U.S. entry waivers, and to help with criminal record destruction to clear arrest records where no conviction was entered.

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Question by Taro K: What is the difference between “absolution” and “pardon”?
“absolution” and “pardon”both have meanings of forgiveness. Is there any differences?
I am a Japanese studying English. Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by soseta
yes, they are different words

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
New lease of life
KAJANG: IN what is the biggest pardon exercise ever, eight prisoners were released simultaneously from facilities here and in Johor and Kedah yesterday, the first day of the fasting month. It was a bittersweet moment for the eight, all of whom were …
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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34 Responses to “The Safe Streets and Communities Act Restricts Some Canadian Pardons”

  • nanometer789:

    …This is awesome. Would have loved to see “Scorching Back” in there too. Possibly “Wind Fortress” too.

  • robodoggyTHESECOND:

    Thank you for releasing the .sib files. I love you for it!

  • Jadness64000:

    EPIC!!! I have a request though. Can u plz make the 36 soundtrack medley? I know it is hard but u have great talent and i think u can handle it!!! :D. LIKE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • UltimateJman64:

    when onward to grassland came on, I started to cry 🙂

  • iDEIIL:

    This is so amazing

  • joemarjoejoe:

    pardon is forgiveness with acknowledging the original act. (usually to do with crimes committed)

    absolution is wiping the slate clean like the original act never happened. (usually priests giving absolution to ‘sinners’)

  • jelesais2000:

    Absolution is a broader forgiveness which is usually given for any and all transgressions, known and unknown, while a pardon is forgiveness of a known transgression, but may be extended to unknown ones. It’s a fine line which divides the two, and generally is ignored except in formal settings or circumstances. At least, that’s how I see it.

  • picador:

    Absolution means forgiveness by the (Roman Catholic) church. In a legal sense, absolution can mean that the accused was not really guilty in the first place. A pardon does not erase the original misdeed, but it does mean that no (or no more) punishment will be applied.

  • Neil:

    Legally speaking, a pardon means that the prisoner is released from a past crime even though the conviction still stands. In other words, the prisoner is still guilty, but is a free man.

    An absolution means that new evidence (such as DNA) proves that the prisoner was wrongfully convicted and is released from prison and the conviction and his record is wiped from the books.

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