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The Three Biggest Mistakes That Prevent us from Living A Powerful Life

Article by Dr. Isabella Santorini

Living a powerful life is wonderful. We all have a sense of what that feels like. But of course, we want it all of the time.

The good news is that each of us has the talent and the drive to live a powerful life. But there are some common mistakes that prevent us from consistently living the lives of our dreams.

Living a Powerful Life Mistake #1: Emergency Mode – Very occasionally, working at the emergency level is needed. But this is rare. In our society, it is easy to think that emergency mode is the correct way to live our lives. We’re willing to work ourselves ragged, but we expect quick results. Unfortunately, when we don’t see those results, we continue to work at emergency level, hoping that we’ll eventually succeed. This leads us to burn-out, depression, and cynicism.

The way to combat this mistake is to make slow but steady progress on the important things in life. Become incredibly efficient and make your work really count. If you need to re-vamp things in your life so that efficiency is possible, take the time to do it. It takes more energy at first, but it saves countless hours in the long-term. Plan for success and follow your plan. Countless perfect plans are tossed to the side because no one followed through with them. Daily, make progress on your plan, even if that entails taking only one step.

Living a Powerful Life Mistake #2: Mentally Checking Out – It is healthy to check out during the day. We all need rest and relaxation. However, we don’t want to check out when we are working throughout the day, whether it is at a place of business, at school, or with our children. When we check out, hours can go by when we don’t direct our lives and we don’t particularly enjoy them, either.

The way out of checking out is to practice being present to what you’re doing. This is simple enough to practice. Set a timer when doing mundane projects. See how long you can actually pay attention to what you’re doing when you’re doing it. Work with this for several days and you’ll find that you can begin to practice this in whatever activity you are engaged.

Living a Powerful Life Mistake #3: Getting “Frozen” – This pertains to getting to a certain level in a project, hitting a snag, and stopping. When we get frozen, we are unconsciously stopping our progress. This is particularly harmful if we have momentum in a project. If we’ve been working along at a good pace, and we’re seeing results, getting frozen can create a backup of energy. That energy has to go into something else if it is not being used for our project. Unfortunately, it usually takes the form of worry, or anxious confusion.

The best way to get un-frozen (pardon the grammatical awkwardness of that word), is to simply ask yourself, “Where did I stop?” The answer will usually be obvious. Depending upon why you stopped, you may still prefer to stay in confusion rather than go on. When this is the case, it is helpful to speak with someone who is supportive to you. You can often talk it through without them even giving you any advice at all. All you need is someone to listen and you’ll say out loud the thing you most need to hear. When you’ve figured it out, take immediate action to get yourself back on track.

The overall key to living a powerful life is to stay focused and conscious. Do a picture collage, or tape your goals to your bathroom mirror. Let every day be a day where you focus on living a powerful life – the life of your dreams.

Good luck!

About the Author

Dr. Isabella Santorini used to be a stressed-out doctor until she committed herself to learning the secrets of living a powerful life. Having learned from the masters of our time, she now lives the life of her dreams. To gain invaluable instruction, visit the site of one of her favorite teachers:

Black_Eyed_Peas black eyed peas – labor day (it’s a holiday) – Elephunk

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