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The top building blocks of unique colors and shapes

Article by Youngsoo

There are many facts about the history of toys. Even building blocks have their own historical content. Moreover, the oldest board game is called Royal Game of Ur, of more than 4,500 years old? It is believed that the Sumerian people used to put in graves so that the deceased had a hobby to relieve their eternity. Domino’s also 4 millennia was invented, and chess whose origin is in India where also the Parcheesi, dates from s. V of the Christian era.

Board games and building blocks have changed little over 6 millennia, although the most significant change has been the possibility of interaction by the addition of the DVD to them. The modern version of the yo-yo comes from the Philippines, where it was used as a weapon? Although there are vestiges of their existence in ancient Greece, did not the United States until 1929. On the etymology of its name versions are mixed: Some say that yo-yo means “again” in Filipino, others that it is a variation of the French voice, then on the eve of the battle of Waterloo was popularized his use among the troops of Napoleon, who resorted to yo-yo to relax.

Parents feel dubious on what to choose. The teddy bear was born in 1902 in honor of a bear pardoned by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt on a hunt? A cartoon in a newspaper recounted the incident and decided to play the toy now famous Teddy Bear plush to decorate your window. Its popularity sparked mass manufacture.

The building blocks remain the same. But, the only difference is due to their color, shape, size, etc. Plus, online developers are opting for virtual and 3d blocks. There are many online tournaments and more. However, this cannot be compared with natural and live blocks.

Moving back to the history and evolution of toys, the yo-yo was the first toy that came into space? It was in 1955 and was used to study the behavior of gravity. Barbie, Mattel’s stylized doll was created in 1959 by Elliot and Ruth Handler.

Separation of gender

Experts claim that in the academic literature debate on whether to create online spaces for girls only, is a waste of time. It seems they do not feel so comfortable where they are dominated by the boys “because they consider them a bit gross. To follow this idea, it would be like going back to sex-segregated school for girls and boys do not have to bother to know and, above all, in understanding. Find the right building blocks that know any gender!


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