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The Top Ten Reasons You Need a Life Coach Right Now

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by frazgo

Article by Demond Jackson

Life coaching has become really popular within the last few years. The desire of most people is to be more effective in their work, do work that they really enjoy, end procrastination once and for all in their lives, et cetera. Having a life coach is an excellent way to accomplish all of the above. I wrote this article to convince you that getting a personal life coach is above and beyond one of the best investments you can make for your life.

I know what it’s like to be full of potential but have no results. I know how it feels to have your mind scattered with fifty great ideas and you want to implement them all today. I know how it feels to be stuck, not knowing what next move to take. Things were so bad for me that I had become discouraged, not pursuing my dreams at all. Yep, I was there.

It wasn’t until I got a coach that things started to change in my life. I thought I was ok; but I needed a whole lot of help. These are just ten things I’ve learned about the importance of getting a personal coach.

1. Coaches help you develop the best plan based on where you are today.

2. Coaches are your support system. Unlike other people in your life, your coach celebrates your success with you.

3. Coaches hold you accountable. They are not your friends who will easily pardon you for watching Law & Order when you were supposed to be doing something else. Your coach is not interested in Law & Order. They want to know if you are making progress or standing still.

4. Coaches see flaws within ourselves that we don’t see. I know, so does your spouse. But sometimes it’s easier to hear the same thing from an impartial third party. Your wife wants to fix you. Your coach wants to help you succeed.

5. Coaches are a listening ear. There are times you can’t consult with coworkers, friends or even your spouse because they don’t know what you’re going through. Your coach may be able to relate with you when others don’t.

6. Coaches help you to think bigger and accomplish more. A good coach will help you to enlarge your vision.

7. Coaches help you think differently about ourselves. Most times, we play it safe, trying to achieve small goals within our comfort zone. The true essence of goal setting is that to get the goal, you must become a different person. The coaching process helps you see yourself differently.

8. Coaches are your cheerleaders. They are behind you cheering and reassuring you to keep going. They help you make it through obstacles while keeping a positive attitude.

9. Coaches can coach you through very specific challenges. There are different kinds of coaching for different kinds of situations. Such as: divorce recovery coaching, domestic violence recovery coaching, grief coaching, personal success coaching, and a lot more.

10. Coaches are your employees. Their job is to help you succeed. As an employee, the value of their work is determined by the success they help you achieve.

Having a life coach can make the difference between a quick success and a slow road leading nowhere. As a life coach myself, I would hate for you to be on a road leading nowhere. Whether it’s me or someone else, do yourself a favor and hire a coach as soon as you can.

About the Author

Demond is hosting a very elite Success Training Program that is geared toward helping regular people become extraordinary achievers. Visit Jackson Success Coaching to see how you can qualify.  If you are serious about achieving your goals, sign up today.  Later visit Demond at his website.

Part One of going over some holsters. This turned out to be a lot longer than I expected so look for Part 2, 3 and 4. If you have any questions or comments feel free. And PS Pardon the 4 month baby belly. It was getting a little tight in there because this baby is really starting to get big, but I’m sure you’ll understand.
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