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Things to See in Murcia

Article by Linden Walhard

Murcia is a very easy location to find in Spain because it borders Alicante on the Costa Blanca which passes through Torrevieja. You will immediately know that you are in Murcia because of the amazing beautiful natural scenery of salt swamps. The capital city is called Murcia as well, and has a lagoon known as the Mar Menor which is separated from the Mediterranean sea by the Manga, which is a small sandy stretch of land.

Murcia benefits from very nice hot summers which often reach in excess of 40 degrees, the winters are mild and fairly short. Inland the land is quite arid, however they have still managed to grow many vegetables.

Things you want to see in Murcia

The easiest way to fly into Murcia is probably though the San Javier airport, this is around 30 minutes away from Murcia and is located right next to the Manga in Mar Menor. You might also want to consider flying into Alicante airport, which is a much bigger airport. You will need to drive for around 40 minutes in order to reach the city from this airport.

Every visit will be great fun as you get to look at some wonderful architecture and culture before you have chance to enjoy the nightlife and the food. You will start enjoying Murcia as soon as you arrive.

The cathedral was built between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, this has many different styles of architecture because of the amazing length of time it took to build. On the front door of the pardon there is baroque carved art, there is also a gothic chapel, a renaissance chapel and a stunning tower with an amazing 25 bells!

If you travel to the outskirts of the city then you will be able to find a sanctuary which commemorates the patron saint of Murcia, this is called “The sanctuary of the Good Saint”. This was built way back in the eighteenth century and commemorates the patron saint of Murcia. The figure of this patron saint is carried during a procession which goes from the sanctuary to the famous cathedral during the Easter and the Main Festival in the Summer.

Have some fun in Murcia

There are two amazing festivals which you might be interested in visiting, these are very popular with tourists and locals alike. During the Easter week there are a number of processions and an Easter Sunday spring festival.

During the summer months, which is after all when most people will want to travel there are a number of festivals. From music festivals, to festivals celebrating the tourists. In 2005 there was a very large music festival which attracted musicians from all over the world. Turkey was represented on July 15th for example. However this event is held every year, with different people.

About the Author

Linden Walhard continually pens articles on news dealing with transfers from murcia airport. Recording his experience in works like, the author expressed his capability on themes dealing with murcia airport spain.

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