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Tips for Choosing a Heli-Skiing Holiday

Article by Ollivier JACQ

Have you ever gone heliskiing? Having a heliski – literally helicopter skiing-holiday is an adrenalin-rush of an activity that takes your breath away and tests the limits of your physicality in a positive and exciting manner. With that said, doing research on your next few heliski vacations (once you have a taste of what heli-skiing holidays are all about, just having one trip won’t be enough for you) is a must in order to optimize this sporting experience that lets you fly as free as a bird and soar like antelope in an open field. Therefore, here’s a heli-skiing specifically developed to give you all the important details you need in order to avail of only the best heliski vacations possible.

Guaranteed Vertical Meter Limits

More often than not, heli-skiing companies have adopted a method wherein a specific amount of vertical meters are guaranteed to you based on how long your trip is going to last. For instance, if you wanted to book a five-day vacation with a certain Canadian heliskiing provider during this year’s winter or spring season, you’ll be assured of enjoying seventy-one thousand vertical feet of heliski action. Then again, even though that looks like ample skiing length, if you take about seven runs a day, you’ll quickly reach that limit even before the fifth day arrives. Regardless of the heliskiing company, this is almost always the case.

Therefore, in order to optimize your skiing enjoyment and utilize your vertical meters to the fullest, it’s advised that you “go big, or go home”-that is, it’s either you simply pay for the additional feet so that you’re assured of a great skiing trip without worrying about overrunning the limit, or balance your schedule between relaxing in your cabin and going full-throttle with your skiing in order to ensure that skiing activities are evenly distributed throughout all five days. Regardless of which option you pick, it’s basically a safeguard so that you won’t feel gypped by the deceptively ample amount of guaranteed vertical meter limits.

An Overflowing Wallet

Obviously, if you’re even considering to avail of a heli-skiing trip, then you probably have the money to back it up, because it’s very, very expensive; it’s costs an arm, a leg, and a king’s random to setup, pardon the mixed metaphors. Even if you are a celebrity or a rock star, you’ll still need to depend on a booking agent to take care of all the logistics. If you don’t have an agent, then it’s probably a good idea for you to establish a budget even if you are loaded with cash because, hey, just because you have money doesn’t necessarily mean you can go waste it on an ultimately unsatisfying and inadequate trip; the bottom line here is that you have the cash because you want to enjoy luxury to the fullest without compromise.

With that said, a week-long deal typically goes for eight to nine thousand dollars, a four-day deal goes for four thousand five hundred dollars, and a single-day deal goes for nine hundred dollars. This, of course, doesn’t include the extra charges you’ll get from exceeding your guaranteed vertical meter limits. Moreover, the rates will inevitably vary during holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, so keep all of this in mind when you’re booking for a worthwhile heli-skiing holiday.

Your Skiing or Snowboarding Ability

Just because you can ski doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for heli-skiing. Even if you can get down blue square as an intermediate skier or black diamond as an expert skier, it’s still not enough to prepare you for this snow-based sport. To be more precise, you have to be experienced enough to make it down the Rocky Mountains or some bigger East Coast mountains on any type of condition (for example, heavy powder, zero visibility, and the presence of ice). This is a prerequisite, because the snowboarders and skiers in your group will probably be around this level of expertise, so it’s better to have second thoughts before booking a flight than actually pausing and thinking during the actual heli-skiing trip.

About the Author

Ollivier is a discerning traveller, and extreme sports (heli-skiing and wakeboarding) enthusiast.

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