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Tips For Keeping Your Driving Record Clean

Keeping your driving record clean is essential to keeping your insurance premiums low and preventing a drivers license suspension. Drivers earn demerit points on their drivers license for such vehicle violations as speeding tickets, DUI, accidents when they are at-fault, moving violations, parking fines, etc. These violations can seriously damage one’s driving record. Too many accumulated demerit points can result in high fines, a drivers license suspension, and an increase in insurance premiums.

According to Adam Haber, CEO of InsuranceQuotes.com, “Driving infractions are the main reasons why auto insurance rates go higher.” Insurance companies have the ability to check your driving record, so it is essential to keep your driving record clean.

Traffic tickets such as speeding tickets can significantly raise your insurance premiums. It is important to drive the speed limit to avoid these tickets. If you receive a traffic ticket, there is a way a driver can keep it off their driving record. For instance, attending a traffic school can have a number of benefits such as canceling the traffic ticket. As well, if you attend a defensive driving school, your insurance company will give you a discount on your insurance premiums. It will also improve your driving skills, thereby decreasing the chances of having an at-fault accident. All states offer driver education programs, defensive driver programs, or traffic schools that every driver can attend. They can do this in person or on the Internet. When a driver completes the program and passes the tests, the demerit points will be removed from the driving record.

Taking an online driver safety program is a convenient way to keep your driving record clean. Classes are given using a virtual web-based program. Students are able to work at their own rate. Ask your insurance provider to recommend an online driver safety program that they will give a discount on your insurance premium once you complete the program. When you have approval to take your driver training program online, you just have to go to the site and register by submitting your information details to the driver training company. You can pay electronically using a secure web page. Once you complete payment, you will be directed to a web page where you will be provided with the program material. The course can either be taken online or as a downloaded software program.

Another way of keeping your record clean is to always pay your tickets on time. It could cause a lot more problems if there is an open driving infraction on your driving record. If you have an open driving violation, you may not even be able to leave the country.

The most important point to remember about keeping your record clean is to drive safely, don’t speed, and obey all traffic laws. A bad record can affect your ability to get a certain job, raise your insurance policies significantly, and even cost your ability to drive. As well, with current economic conditions being so unstable, a fine can really hurt the wallet. If you have a realistic argument to fight a ticket, it may be advantageous to take your case to traffic court. The numerous benefits of maintaining a clean drive record makes it as important as having a drivers license.

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Question by CC: Will My College Suspension Be On A Permanent Record?
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Anyway, will this suspension be on a record of some sort and follow me throughout my college career?
This is in reference to graduate schools.

Best answer:

Answer by lemon_lorrain
…Only if you use the former college as a reference, but then–why should you. If your new school is satisfied with your h.s. transcript, and that’s sufficient to admit you, you have a new start, unless the new school wants to know ALL schools you’ve previously attended–no matter what length of time you attended.

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