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TN Visa Overview For Canadians

The TN Visa is the nonimmigrant visa category for professional workers from Canada and Mexico whose specific occupations appear on the schedule created by NAFTA (Appendix 1603.D.1 of NAFTA). The TN Visa category (technically, for Canadians, the TN is a status and not a visa) is particularly beneficial for Canadians since they can adjudicate their applications directly at a port of entry without obtaining prior USCIS approval or a visa. Included in the occupation list are numerous professions, ranging from accountants, architects, computer analysts, and social workers to those falling within the medical and science professions, such as pharmacists and physicians and astronomers and biologists.

TN Visa Requirements

The TN requirements for Canadians are as follows: 1) The applicant must be a Canadian citizen and present evidence of his/her Canadian citizenship in the form of a passport; 2) The occupations created by NAFTA either require that the applicant have a Baccalaureate degree or a post-secondary diploma or post-secondary certificate and three years experience; and 3) The prospective position requires someone in that professional capacity.

TN Visa Application Process

The process of applying for and acquiring a TN work status (technically speaking TN is a status and not a visa) is one of the quickest processes of all the U.S. work visas/statuses. Initial TN applications should be made at a port-of-entry, whether it is at a land border or an airport. The applicant for the TN status will need to show citizenship and how he or she meets the criteria for the profession, which may at the very least include a diploma/s and a resume, referral letters from previous employers, and even examples of previous work done. In addition, the applicant will need to show information pertaining to the position for the U.S. employer. The most persuasive evidence of this would be a detailed letter from the employer describing the position and its duties.

TN Visa Advantages

• TN status can be obtained immediately at a port of entry instead of having to be submitted ahead of time by mail, which could take anywhere from weeks to months

• There are no quotas or lotteries with TN status, as there are with H-1Bs

• There is no cap on TN renewals, whereas H-1B and L-1 have time caps

• Renewal of TN can either be done quickly at a port of entry or through the mail

• Labor Certification is not required

• TN status may be available to some people who do not qualify for H-1B status

TN Visa 3 Year Rule Change

On October 14, 2008, the USCIS increased the maximum period of time a TN professional worker from Canada or Mexico may remain in the U.S. before seeking readmission or obtaining an extension of stay from one year to three years. This rule is terrific for those who qualify for TN status as they may now be admitted for periods of up to three years and they may also receive extensions of stay for periods of up to three years instead of the prior maximum period of one year. After being approved for the TN status at a port of entry the applicant will receive an I-94 card valid for up to three years noting the TN category and U.S. employer.

TN Visa Renewals

Renewing the TN status can either be made internally by mailing an application to the Vermont Service Center prior to the deadline of the current I-94 or, as an alternative, the applicant can go to a port of entry and apply for readmission under TN classification on the spot (this works like a renewal, but technically you are making a new application when you go to a port of entry). A TN status holder is permitted to work during any overlap between the expiration of the status and an application made for a renewal (not to exceed 240 days and only applies when renewing through mail).

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Question by : what are the requirements for a canadian power of attorney to be valid in the usa?
my mom is sending me a power of attorney from canada to sell her truck in the usa, are there any special rules i.e does it need to be endorsed by the canadian embasey or just certified by witnesses in order for it to be acceptable by the lien holder.

Best answer:

Answer by W Y
The notary in Canada would have to have his notarization certified by the Provincial government, and it then might also need documentation from the embassy.

Personally, I think that is the hardest way to do this. Have your mother sell YOU the car. Then it is “your” car, which you can re-sell in your own name. She could sell it to you for $ 10 or something, but then you would have the title. That would be so much easier, and you could just send the money to your mother after you re-sell it.

I hope this helps.

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