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To Create Peace With God Necessitates You to be First in Peace With All

Article by Hans Neukomm

To be in love with Supreme Being you need to love all other offspring of God – you need to learn to truly love and resolve all troubles by means of genuine divine love. The single best God gifted you is your friend – the spouse God gifted you to be made happy by you and also to be adored by you. Your soul mate is what you miss most once you have lost it – to keep a real love love affair with your better half real love constantly in all situation is million times better to resolve breakup than any rational means. To get in love and peace of mind with your spouse you should be with him her = next to and together in all situations of life.

Use this coming Christmas time to harmonize in the innermost heart with all members of opposite sex and with the one you love above all. Focusing in partaking all, sharing all your time and all your passion with your love rather than squandering time for foreign traveling or a vacation.

All you need to regain your inner peace of mind is time at home in a cozy still surroundings. Learn to love your little ones as much as your spouse and your partner as much as your young ones. Emphasis on inner real love evidenced in soft angelic passion skin to skin. Share days or weeks of Christmas in this inner focus of true romantic love for each other rather than for shopping or presents of stuff nature. The single most precious you ever can give your family is your innermost true love – from heart to heart.

Christmastime is about passion and nothing but real love. To get your love flowing you first need to get in peacefulness with all. With you first. Forgive yourself for whatever errors you may have made in the past. Then ask in your heart others for pardon for any hurting or problem you may have caused in your past.

The wish to God and ask for relieving of your heart and soul. Be well prepared for God love and benedictions from heaven. Noel is for all, whatever culture, gender or religion.

Divine bliss and love never can be stored and received later. Either you take the time and create the condition and environment needed or all the love flows toward others! There is year round a huge quantity of love and bliss available from Supreme Being and your Guru and other loving souls, but Christmas is a prolonged period for all world, for all cultures and all religious beliefs. open up your heart and accept all love and bliss. For your welfare as well as for the benefit of all your dear ones.

Give some smaller presents also to complete outsiders and neighbors. Flowers even a single flower may open up your and their heart or extend any similar small givings from your heart to open your heart toward all directions. Learn and exercise to give, to make happy, to make a smile and also to make some other person day. Love is the one element needed most in all human living on earth. Without you exercising your lessons of love now, others may also pause in commencing to love. Be a sample, be the very first in your neighborhood to give love, to make others happy. Just small gifts like flowers, a hug, a loving word or a piece of cake or cookies. Something from your heart to touch others hearts and to open up a human relationship of passion between you and the globe around you.

Hans Neukomm is a born farmer son, creator and publisher of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love with a compendium of teachings on God’s Christmas love and the benefits of an extended Christmas time to enjoy more healing of our global society until we are one family of love again.

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