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To Ouija or Not Ouija Board?

how to get a pardon
by JStove

Article by Jim Cassa

Best Test is Put it to Rest

You have no doubt heard about the ouija board and its claim to fame, or shame as I put it, and how popular it is in some homes across the land. The best thing your can do if you have an ouija board is to throw it out. There are objects and devices that assist you in this world and there are ones that do not. The board is one that does not assist and can even lead to the souls disintegration and lack of soul progression.Heaven and Hell

The desire to speak to the dead and contact spirits in the astral realms has been with mankind for millenia. It is common to want to communicate with spirits but the ouija is not a safe way to achieve this. If you want some information on a soul that has passed you are far better off getting in contact with a psychic and letting him do the work for you. It is much safer.The reason I am dead set against the ouija, please pardon the pun and play on words, is because the board when in use it opens a portal, a gateway if you will, from the demonic world into this one. You know what happens when you open a door to a house don’t you? Guests come in and enter. Yet the kind of guests in the spirit realm that the ouija allows into your life are only going to cause you madness, mayhem, and attempt to throw in your way blocks and barriers to your spiritual growth and evolution.Give No Permission

These negative spirit energies, which you have invited and so given them permission to be around you, are hard to get rid off because they are attracted to the life force of people. A living breathing human being has an aura and the energy in the aura is prized by certain negative spirits on the other side. The aura is a food source to them and they create, fear, worry, and trouble so they can feed more on you. Nasty stuff! This is why my best suggestion to you is throw away your ouija board before it is too late and you begin to have years of bad luck appearing into your life.

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About the Author

Jim Cassa is a psychic medium and writer well known for being a top Australia psychic and shows methods of empowerment available to anyone. Jim’s passion is clarity, insight, and giving the best value for money medium readings .

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