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Today, Let Thanksgiving for All We Have Owned!

22 February 2001 …… There’s more controversy about the pardons issued by Bill Clinton during his last days in office. It’s emerged he pardoned two clients of his brother-in-law Hugh Rodham – and that Mr Rodham profited from the deal because he’d been paid to lobby on their behalf. Hugh Rodham’s involvement in a payment-for-pardon scandal is not the first time he has brought embarrassment to his big sister, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her husband, the ex-President. Rodham and another brother, Tony, infuriated the White House in 1999 when it was revealed they were involved in an 8 million deal to export hazelnuts from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. The deal involved a Georgian opposition leader who said it showed President Clinton supported him. That angered Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, a US ally. “Normally, we excuse the Ralph Kramden-Ed Norton schemes of greedy first in-laws trying to trade on the family name,” the GOP national chairman said at the time. “But these two hazelnuts didn’t fall too far from the family tree.” Hugh Rodham also made the Clintons wince when he was part of a group of lawyers who squeezed their way into talks between cigarette companies and state attorneys general in 1996 to settle lawsuits against Big Tobacco. The lawyers stood to earn millions, but the deal collapsed, partly because Rodham’s role upset Republicans in Congress. Friendly and bearlike – his appearance has been compared to “Norm” on the TV show “Cheers

presidential pardon
by jvoves

The 4th Thursday in November each year is the Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This year on November 20, U.S. president George W. Bush, in accordance with tradition, pardon two turkeys in the Rose Garden of White House, and to lead the people to express their sincere gratitude to those heroic fighters who are go through fire and water on the front line to safeguard the American peoples’ lives and houses.

Each year, the Thanksgiving holiday begins with the president pardoning 2 turkeys from becoming someone’s Thanksgiving dinner. President Henry Truman started this tradition in 1947. “So now I have a task and that is to grant a full presidential pardon to May and flower, they will shortly be flown to Disney World where they will serve as Honorary Grand Marshals for the Thanksgiving Day parade. Hope that honor doesn’t go to their head. ”

Turkey is the food that could not absent in Thanksgiving Days’ dinner table, just as the moon cake in the Mid-Autumn Festival of China, every household in the United States will eat turkeys in the Thanksgiving Day. They usually stuffed the turkey belly with a variety of spices and mixed foods, then baked the whole turkey and sliced it with a knife when the turkey cooked. Other traditional Thanksgiving foods there are sweet potatoes, corns, pumpkin pies, jam and so on.

Last year’s turkeys were May and Flower, a reference to the ship that sailed nearly 400 years ago from Plymouth, England to America. And in the fall of 1621, these Plymouth pilgrims celebrated a bountiful harvest with local American Indians.

Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) is one of the most important holidays in American, each year in the day, no matter how busy, tens of thousands of American peoples will together with their families to enjoy this holiday.Since the 1600s, Thanksgiving has morphed into a holiday in the United States, marked by extravagant parades, feasts, and the opening of the Christmas shopping season. The Macy’s Day parade in New York is one of the major ceremonies to mark Thanksgiving each year. Approximately 2.5 million people are expected to attend the parade this year while 44 million will watch it on television at home. The parade serves as a reminder that the holiday season is in full swing.

This Friday, many Americans will rise early the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of discounts at retail shops around the country. Last year, the National Retail Federation estimated more than 60 million people shopped that day.

Today is the annual Thanksgiving Day, and conceives a thanksgiving heart oftentimes will make everyone in the world become more happy and more lucky (is that true? Yes!), so let thanksgiving for all we have owned!

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RT @BarackObama If Phil Jackson murders his shameful Lakers team, he can expect a Presidential pardon. – by TheBusBandit (The Bandit)

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