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Top 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions in Expunging Your DUI Conviction Records in California

Like most states in US, California too allows you to expunge your DUI conviction record. Expunging your DUI conviction record will help you get rid of all the problems resulting from your offense and make you to experience the life like before. Regardless of whether your offense is misdemeanor or felony, they can usually be expunged. Following are the FAQ’s which are sure to provide you an insight about expunging your DUI records in California:

What is expungement?

Expungement means sealing your DUI conviction record which practically means giving petition to the court to expunge your record and the court replaces your plea as not guilty and then dismisses your case. So when applying for a job or under any other circumstances you need not have to disclose that you have been convicted.

Who Is Eligible For expungement in California?

You are eligible for expungement:

if you are a first DUI offender who has only one charge for either a misdemeanor or felony
a year has passed since conviction
if you have completed probation successfully and not on probation for another offense
have no charges pending
have paid all the fines ordered by the court

How much does it cost to file for expungement?

It costs between $ 50 and $ 80 to file for expunging your record.

will they need my presence at the court?

No, your expungement lawyer can do it for you.

What will I benefit from expunging my DUI conviction record?

There are a lot you will benefit from expunging your record such as employment, licensing etc,.

What expungement won’t do?

Your expunged case can still be used for increasing your punishment when you again caught up for a DUI or other criminal cases.

The DUI Process manual provides solution related to expunging your DUI record, getting your driver’s license back, saving a lot of money on your auto insurance and even saving money throughout your DUI process no matter what state (US) you are located in.

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Question by Stormygirl21302: Does anyone know of any job opportunites for people with felony convictions on their records?
My friend has 2 felony drug possessions on her record. They were back in 2004 & 2006. She has served time and willingly entered into a drug rehab program. Her and her son are trying to make a fresh start and she desperately needs a job. So does anyone have any suggestions? She is willing to work any shift. Please help.

Best answer:

Answer by castaspella0183
Your friend could try to get into the food service. Have to put down the convictions, but then also say that she entered into a treatment program. Good luck to your friend

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  • Timelady:

    To be honest, its going to be difficult. If I were her, I’d consult a lawyer about possibly getting her records sealed so an employer cannot see her convictions. I don’t know if that’s possible, but its worth looking into. She may have to find a way to earn money on her own, cleaning houses, walking dogs, things like that.

    Being a female will give her an advantage. She may be willing to be up front with an employer and openly discuss her past and what she has done to straighten up and maybe someone will give her a chance. A women has a better chance of having that happen than if she were a man.

  • sara:

    Tell her to look into an entry-level position in a bank. As long as she discloses the conviction on her application and lets them know BEFORE she goes for a background check, she should be okay. I work for a bank, and we have hired people with drug convictions as long as they let us know ahead of time.

    *Also – whether it was a PTI or diversionary program, it still counts as a conviction. To be on the safe side, regardless of the wording that the application uses, tell her to just put it.

  • clkn6262:

    someone needs to help her start her own business like cleaning apartments or doing something she enjoys. it wouldn’t take much. if she wants a cleaning business she needs some insurance which is not that expensive and they work a payment plan for you. she would have to have 1million coverage in order to clean apartments. then she needs a business card. she can get those very inexpensive at vistaprint.com. my current website is thelifedesigner.camp7.org if she wants to get in touch. i am all about women getting their lives back together and changing it totally. hopefully she is in church and God will help her. she obviously has a good friend in you. that’s good. think of something she likes to do and then encourage her. she can do it she just needs a little help as we all do. remind her that her life CAN and WILL turn around. God doesn’t give up on her and neither should anyone else. Having her own business could be very good for her as long as she keeps her challenges in check. god bless you all. cynthia

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