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Top Ten Asia Hotel Amenities List

Article by Abhinandan Garg

My Asia Hotels ten sites from the list.

Asia hotel I wanted to design my own dream, but what would be the first service was to be budgeted. He had a very long list and many would have liked to put here, but 10 was the number he was filming so things like non-smoking rooms, desk, free bicycle rental, reading material to decent, complimentary bottled water, large bathroom counters, is the luggage lockers, oh man I could go on but I think you get the drift.

1) Wi-Fi, not any WiFi, I want connectivity is reasonably fast and reliable. In many of the hotels in Asia are seeing this list as a service as more people travel with their fixed-price books, smart phones and laptops with WiFi. The net carrying laptop computers and are generally configuration Wi-Fi, but smartphones usually have to pay more to the SIM card provider of your mobile service provider.

2) On air: Have you ever been in Southeast Asia in April, say no more! I like the air conditioning very important for another reason too, as has the air of mosquitoes are less likely to bite if the room is pretty cool. I’ve known several people who have gotten dengue fever in Asia and none of them enjoyed the experience, but they sure talk about it!

3) Hot water: Have you ever been in Southeast Asia during a monsoon especially well? Enough said, really that would be the cheapest way. I like having the option of a hot shower sometimes I do not use, but I like having the option.

4) Comfortable beds: Hey that’s the main reason why you get a hotel to sleep well!

5) The sheets and pillows: I know you’re saying hey that is part of the bed, but you can have a comfortable bed and sheets and pillows are hard and rough rocks.

6) In safe: I rarely use the safe as I feel that I am opening my self to greater risk by identifying those prone to bad you may be seeing, I have something valuable to protect, which could later make me a target!

7) Quiet: There is nothing worse in my opinion, to have a rooster start 2 hours before sunrise right outside your window. Yes they do start so early, I think!

8) TV, English channels including a pair of international news channels, Discovery and a couple of decent movie channels like HBO and Star Movies. Bonus points if you have a DVD in the room.

9) Water Feature: Can be a pool or Jacuzzi or head of various toiletries. I’m most relaxed in the water, a pool that is at a comfortable temperature, please remember that I am not a seal or a penguin, I’m a baby sensitive to temperature, and a cold pool is equal to a noisy rooster and voracious mosquitoes as I’m concerned.

10) On-line Booking: Like booking direct with the hotel or guest house, I do not like to pay commissions to booking engines, why, because I’m a cheap Charley! So please book a room with a credit card, and then let me pay cash when you arrive.

If there was one space left in this list of the top ten, I would add that for me personally, I like having pets around. A friendly cat purring in my lap that really makes my day! Dog playing with someone else that I have to feed, walk or clean the dodo, pardon the expression, the cat’s meow!

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