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Top Ten Etiquette Tips

Article by Irsan Kao

In order to stand out from competition I will share with you some tips that will be useful for you. These guidelines are simple and easy to implement. You can include them into your day to day lifestyle straight away. You will attain mastery in absolutely no time and with little practice.

Bill Kelly has stated that to show respect towards people one of the ways is good manners.

Here are the tips for good manners and if followed as a practice everyone will reflect your good manners:

1. When going for a business meal, the meal is supposed to be eaten first and then the business matters should be discussed. Business matters should be discussed prior to the meal or when you are about to complete your meal.

2. Ensure that incase you have missed a call it is returned. It’s a part of good manners to return the unanswered phone calls or the voice mail messages within 24 hours. Incase you need to take time to think of an appropriate response, then slight delay is also ok.

3. Ensure that you are always on time for business. There are no excuses for delay. Incase you are late and make up an excuse, it’s not a good sign and not really taken well by people.

4. Words such as I’m sorry should be avoided incase you missed what was being told to you. It’s better to respond with “I beg your pardon.” Stating that you are sorry is usually said as an admission of guilt or to offer empathy.

5. Its always important to thank someone if someone has done a favor or something nice for you. Thank with a little note or card depending on the person you are sending this to. This only solidifies the relationship and one thank you can go a long way.

6. RSVP; respond if you please, it means that when an invitation is received which needs you to RSVP; only a confirmation is needed here. All you need to do is confirm your presence.

7. A sign of good etiquette is never to interrupt or cut down a person who is explaining something. It’s always important to give due respect to that person and lend an ear completely.

8. People who ensure that you are in business are your clients, customers. It’s important that you defer to them. This only shows respect towards them. This is an act of high regard and admiration. If you put the other person’s interest first, it’s a part of good customer service.

9. You must refer to the customers or clients by their first name only if you have been invited to do so or else refer to them were Mr and their last name or Mrs. /Miss and their last name. Class and sophistication is displayed by the use of Honorifics and last names. So always address your customers appropriately.

10. To make that great first impression always drives down the person yourself who pays a visit in your country. It will set a good impression and create a good ground for relationship building.

About the Author

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