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Totally Free Criminal Search to Track Down an Individual

For people to opt for a totally free criminal search would be because of the facts that they might want to know information pertaining to what a specific person is like. If they would have any criminal offense performed. If so, then to what level is the degree of offense? All of this would be mainly for the purpose the potential employers and the landlords.

Assessing the criminal records is it going to be an easy game as they are not matters of high sensitivity. The quality of the information depends upon the source from which you might have acquired the information. There are many ways to access them completely free like by visiting the courthouses or the police station at your place. In order to perform these totally free criminal search you need to have the permission of the individual on whom you are going to conduct search on.

However, what matters the most when you are going for these claimed to be totally free information provider is the time constraint. They consume a lot of your precious time, which at times might be undesirable by most of us. However there are not just these but also certain websites that claim to provide totally free criminal search for you. All that you need to do when you are searching is have information about the full name of the person. Once you have it then you can go to the local state sites and gain information but one complication that arises out of it is that a person might have committed multiple crimes in different places, which you might not come to know. Then you will have to go search the websites of the all the different states that are present in your country.

When you start feeling that the totally free criminal search is a daunting task you need not panic as there are many websites that do this job for you and provide you the nationwide and sometimes even outside the country but they do not come free. They might also perform the desired background search. These websites charge you no more than $ 30 to perform this search. When time is a constraint then paid sites would be considered better and they could be customized depending upon your requirement.

However the best option that we would suggest if you are looking for a totally free criminal search are the government resources as they are totally trustworthy too!

Question by : Where can I find a FREE criminal search that shows all there crimes?
I really need to find a criminal search that is FREE NO MONEY INVOLVED NOR INFORMATION. I need to know what the charges and all that it.

Best answer:

Answer by Andy
Local courthouse.

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12 Responses to “Totally Free Criminal Search to Track Down an Individual”

  • Bradenburg451:

    – No, he’s pretty much right. These guys are wasting their time.

  • Bradenburg451:

    No, he’s pretty much right.

  • samten10a:

    @CriminalJustice87 7 years of college $100,000 pass 3 state test, work for a lawyer for a few years. give or take

  • thefetalbomber:

    this guy’s full of shit

  • Stink808:

    The DJ is smarter than the lawyer. That lawyer is about worthless.

  • severedfeet:

    most rights which we have are coming NOT from law but from an unalienable status as a human being the question becomes who has a right to tell YOU what to do
    the idea that someone has power to tell you what to do l

    the fact that rights are given protection does not mean the right comes from law
    law protects rights you must already have or it could no t be legitimate even if law condoned it

  • Adragon1:

    Citizen status doesn’t mean squat! You have a “toe in the sand” you are a member of the club, he has rights as well! Why do you think Bush set up that GITMO lie! Suspended Habeas Corpus! Nice move, but, I NEED every right granted to me under the Constitution!

  • Adragon1:

    CCRB = Civilian Complaint Review Board. Didn’t sound like real NYPD. Those vests are available EVERYWHERE! Just thank God you weren’t in Larchmont! The worst 7 cops/detectives in the world! Really unprofessional!

  • Adragon1:

    Did you pass the bar? You should have clerked for a Judge or become a Prosecutor or worked in a Public Defender’s Office. Otherwise, GO to Court! Sit, listen learn. Memorize the Penal Codes and Criminal Procedure Law in your State. Evidence as well!

  • Sojaofdapepo:

    he probably gets taxed like a motherfuecker id be pissed

  • russ5150:

    a foreigner complaining about rights lol

  • ♥MDH♥:

    There is no such site for that that is free. You can find things out at the courthouse, or you will have to pay a fee to find out this information.

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