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Tougher Pardon Laws in Effect for Canadians Civilians who had escaped from the grip of the terrorists emphatically stated that Velupillai Prabhakaran should not be pardoned. Civilians in small groups are reaching Government controlled areas when they get the opportunity of doing so. Our representative Anura Dorakumbura giving more information from the Wanni battle zone said a group from Jaffna in 2006 had entered un-cleared areas to join in a wedding of a relative in Kilinochchi. However the LTTE did not permit them to return to their villages. The LTTE had detained them to realise their Eelam dream. They had to live in the last two years in a cadjan thatched hut and had access only to the free ration provided by the Government. They experienced such hardships due to LTTEs terrorism. They were deprived of the medicine sent by the Government. The medicinal drugs had been used for the benefit of the LTTE cadres. The group had thereafter taken a bold decision recently and succeeded in fleeing to a liberated area on the sly. They possessed only some milk food and feeding bottles. The terrorists had not permitted them even to bring their belongings. After remaining within a bunker for nine days, they came out of it with the arrival of the Security Forces. These innocent civilians now breathe a sigh of relief.
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government pardon
by lisby1

The Canadian Government has now passed a newly amendment to Bill c23A which concerns pardon applications in Canada.  This new legislation came much quicker than expected as the Canadian Government attempted to address the public backlash regarding pardons being granted for individuals with very serious criminal offences.  Following the pardon of convicted sex offender, Graham James in 2007 and news that convicted murder Karla Holmolka could be eligible for a pardon this year, legislation was introduced to impose tougher criteria for pardon applications while making the eligibility period longer for those convicted of very serious offences.

Under the new legislation, those convicted of very serious offences are now required to wait 10 years, rather than the 5 that was require previously, before they can become eligible for a pardon.  Following the completion of all sentencing, probation and fines paid, individuals with criminal records will have to wait 3, 5 or 10 years, depending on the seriousness of their most recent offence, before they are eligible for a pardon.

Previous to the changes to the Canadian Pardon system, the application for a pardon was completed the same for all individuals.  Now, those with more serious offences are required to convince the board that not only have they been in good conduct for the eligibility period, but also:

That granting the pardon at that time would provide measureable benefit to the applicant, would sustain his or her rehabilitation in society as a law-abiding citizen and would not bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

New Pardon Legislation 2010

This means that applicants with more serious offences must make a case to the National Parole Board to persuade the board to grant their pardon.   Pardon applications will now take more time and effort to complete as will the official granting of pardons.  Now, more than ever, people are relying on Express Pardons to prepare and submit their pardon application on their behalf, in order to ensure that the application is completed successfully.

For-up-to-date news and information concerning new pardon laws and changes in Canada, check out our blog.

Jared Church is a voting member of the Paralegal Society of Canada, and a leading expert in the field of Canadian Pardons, U.S. Entry Waivers, criminal record systems, and similar legal matters in Canada. Feel free to Email Jared your questions at For more information on the author’s Pardon Society of Canada and Better Business Bureau accredited firm, visit

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pardon my french but fuck the GOVERNMENT!!! – by AyeYoBoogie (Ashton Emerson)

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