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Tourist’s Guide to Fit-in In London

Article by Carolyn Clayton

Going to London, whether traveling or migrating can be a lot of fun, but we all know that things can easily get awkward when you don’t plan ahead right, especially in a foreign place with a highly diverse culture. American has the reputation in UK as being arrogant, rude and often times annoying tourists, an impression you don’t want to have. Here are some tip-top tips to fit in nicely in London. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself enjoying the company of Londoner friends.

First and foremost, have your attitude checked. No matter jet-lagged and stressed you become, you don’t have any excuse to be ill-mannered. You’re a guest in a foreign country; you should act like one by being respectful and respectable at all times. Never complain with foul-mouth when something doesn’t go right. You may get the wrong dish for dinner, but not understanding the things in the menu doesn’t give you right to scold your waiter.

Second, blend in with the locals. Don’t wear something that screams “tourist” like shorts. Both guys and girls can wear casual clothes, such as jeans and sneakers, but keep it low-key at all times. After all, you’ll be walking for hours around the city; it would be nice to wear something very comfortable. Well of course, you have to consider the weather and the season of your visit.

Third, do your homework and learn some British slang.If you want to be able to communicate to Londoners well, then you better learn some of their common lingo, such as greetings or basic important things you may need to ask. Elevator for example, is called “lift,” bathrooms are called “loo,” pants are called “trousers,” subway is called “tube.”

When you hear the word “belt up” that means shut up. British accent can sometimes confuse you of other words, so if you don’t really understand someone’s accent, just say “Pardon me?” or “Sorry?” or ask him or her to repeat himself.

Fourth, travel rightLondon is a big city, with several districts and thousands of streets. Panoramic sights and structures can easily grab your attention, but to be able to enjoy London and not miss a thing in your visit (or stay), you should always have a map of the city and a good understand of where you’re heading. If you need a ride, you can take a black cab, or better yet, you should be able to locate in your map the London Underground Subway.

Fifth, go where the Londoners GoThere are tons of tourist attractions all across London, but there’s no better way to experience the true essence of the culture a particular place than experiencing if through the locals. Dine, party and enjoy your stay with the locals.

Last and certainly not the least, never speak with an English accent, everLondoners can easily notice that you’re faking it. You don’t have to fake anything, you’re a tourist. They understand neutral accent, and they appreciate it more.

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