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Treatment For Sciatica

Article by Mary Perkins

Are you in severe pain? Or is it just very annoying? The treatment of Sciatica really depends on you and what is going on with your lower back and sciatic nerve. The first thing is to ensure your pain is actually Sciatica. Did a doctor tell you that you have sciatica, or is this an assumption based on friends or relatives? Or did you look it up online and decided that you have sciatica? I put this not too mildly because sciatica can be mistaken for more serious underlying problems, and you are dealing with your spinal column, which is the basis for all movement and the messenger to your brain functions. Ensure you have sciatica before doing any exercises. That is the most important move (pardon the pun) you can make if you are reading this and in some lower back, and buttocks pain. It is understandable that anyone who does suffer from acute sciatica have mobility problems, and cannot do normal activities. It’s almost crippling, this is another reason why you need to see your health care provider. Plus the fact that your eager to get back to normal. The pain medication you will get is only temporary as well, it’s like putting a band aid on the problem. Most people beleive that the best treatment for sciatica, if in fact it is sciatica, is simple basic exercises, and stretching. Stretching out your lower back, and doing 50 sit ups a day, keeps the sciatica away. Also Yoga and Pilates are popular for sufferers of sciatica. A Regular yoga group and Pilates are said to be the best thing you can do for your lower back, but this is something mostly done by healthy people to prevent the cause of scatica, or any lower back pain for that matter. I am not a doctor, but I have been studying this for a long time. Once thing I know for sure is that we know our bodies better than anyone. If you are open and meticulous with your doctor, and explain to him or her exactly what you are feeling, and what you want to do, they should be able to help. Starting a simple group of exercises and stretching is what you’re aiming for. If your doctor is opposed to it, you may consider seeing a chiropractor, as they are the experts in the spinal cord area of the human body. You do not want to live with sciatica the rest of your life. Take measures to stop it, and see a professional until you get the answer you need, which is “I can help you”. I had a friend who had a pinched nerve and the doctor told him that all he could do is give him pain meds and the problem would return his whole life, he went to see a chriopractor, who knew right away it was a pinched nerve, gave him some exercises, told him to stay off the pain medication, and take a few hot bathes. Well, the outcome was : Pain Gone – Sciatica Gone – Healthy Back. Sorry this article is not about step one : do this, step two: do this, but I hope it shows the need to pursue and get as much “natural” help as you can. The sciatic nerve is the largest of all nerves in your body, it’s at the base of the spine and it’s there for a reason and it needs to stay healthy and not be compressed by lower back issues. So why not work at getting rid of scatica forever, and not just put on a band aid.

About the Author

To learn more about treatment for Sciatica visit . Also feel free to visit my website Sciatica Relief Advice at for helpful information and a great eBook on back pain and how to relieve your Sciatica Pain. I also throw in a 10 day mini course that is chock full of information.

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