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True story of a very old past criminal record

I have encountered a lady through my agency seeking my help.  Here is her story and I changed her name to protect her with confidentiality.

About 25 years ago Carrie Smith was forced to steal from her employer at that time as her husband did not want to work and she was the only one beinging in a very small pay check.  Stan’s (her husband) parents were also living with them and did not at all contribute to the household so his parents were living there for free.

Bills were piling up and groceries running low.  Stan said to Carrie that she can take 00 from her job and they would never know it.  Carrie said no but Stan kept pushing the matter every day and then one day while Carrie was at work Stan showed up to make sure she took the money.

Carrie’s boss found out and upon his investigation found out that Carrie stole the money.  She was arrested and charged.  She appeared in front of a jusge and she was found guilty.  This was her first ever conviction so the judge gave her 12 month probation.  She completed the probation with no problem and during that time left and divorced her husband.

She started to go about her own life with no problem.  She had previously worked in financial institutions and also worked as a security guard with no problems.  Just the past year she was looking for work, she applied for a security job as she has her security license (valid) for Ontario. They did a background check and told her they cannot hire her as something came back and it did not look good.

She started to wonder what it could be stopping this company to hire her.  She went to apply for a human resources job and they hired her and 2 days later when the background check was completed the employer had to dismiss her as it did not come back clean.

So, she was getting stressed and it dawned on her that something that had happened 25 years ago is now haunting her.  Right to this day she is unemployed and she is constantly applying for every job she can come across.

She came across my website of and she decided to contact me.  I met up with her and discussed her situation in detail.  I told her that IPC Pardons & Waivers can help her.

Knowing she had little money I made her a payment plan that is easy for her to follow and she was able to get her fingerprints done digitally.  So, now she is in the process of having to get a pardon so she will have the confidence again to pass background checks.

This story which is true just shows you that the government allows any employer to perform a background check on a person base on their entire adult life.  If this is situation or something similar is happening with you.  Then please visit out website at and get in touch with us.

You can even email us directly at:

Times are changing and it is effecting a lot of people in many different ways.  Give yourself the fresh second chance start.

IPC Pardons & Waivers can assist anyone that has a past Canadian criminal record and we assist people all over Canada.




IPC was originally founded in June 2000. IPC was held back to launch purposely as the founder Scott Hill wanted to monitor the other agencies and to make sure that IPC delivers the TRUE client satisfaction.

Scott is a professional that has a true feeling that IPC can help make a difference in a person’s life. He knows that everyone makes mistakes in their lives at one point or other and deserves a second chance.


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