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Tubesurfing: Even More Exciting Than Sex

Article by Jeffrey

Surfing decent waves is the most desirable thing I can visualize. However, there’s an aspect that is not only about excitement (which is much like having sex, or like rebirth). When I say this, I’m talking about getting barrelled. If you question any surfer who has a whole lot of experience, they’ll always grant the very same answer: getting into a long, deep tube, entirely vanishing from the beachgoer’s view, and then to emerge from the barrell at an incredibly considerable speed, into daylight again with an incredible feeling (like they’ve just entered a wormhole into another universe and returned) is all the description of the very best entertainment there is for them, for which they would not trade a single thing.

Most surfers will agree that when you are in the tube, time stretches. It could quite possibly be an antithesis to scientific rules, but it could be that some day a physicist could quite possibly find this theory to be true, even for just a split second.

Anyway, being in an overhead tube, with the glass curtain of the wave striking the water out ahead of the tip of your surfboard, and paying attention so intently that it is just about impossible to express is really being in the zone – “tunnel vision” doesn’t quite do it justice. When you come out cleanly perhaps you’ll get off a few choice turns, or it is possible that just make a turn, and head up and over the back of the wave with a glued-on smile. In either case, when you’re over with the wave, you have paddled back out to the lineup, and have an opportunity to get settled, you’ll recall each and every bit of the barrell, each plummeting drop, like it is a crystal-clear memory being played in slow motion on a plasma screen. You will discover that ten or twenty years later, you can recall even the tiniest characteristics of a good barrell. The very best tubes are found on the highest quality waves, which, at least for barrells, are usually reefbreaks and poinbreaks. Reefbreaks can offer sizeable, wide open barrells you could fit a V.W. vehicle in, and grants that bonus kick of dangerous thrill to your adrenaline soup. You can look around a bit and appreciate the sight in a big tube – some great surfers actually look back into the abyss! Pointbreak tubes can be very long tubes that you can actually put aside that hard concentration, just a lttle bit, and play around in the tube, running your hands along the climbing wall of water on one side, and feeling the breaking lip falling with your other hand.

Coming out of a barrell is like being born again, in that you come out from the ocean’s womb and into the daylight – with the exception that rather then crying about it, you shout out with joy! And no-one slaps your backside… coming out of a tube is also very much like making love, and without being far too detailed, I will just state this: you see a wave you like, take off and ride in expectation of pulling into a fantastic barrell, then getting as deep as you can, with a hundred percent focus of body and mind, riding the tube and forgetting all about time, and then when you’re pulling out of the barrell, you may well get spit out of the tube in a spew of whitewater…

Pardon me while I wipe my brow…

I truly pray I do not offend you with my description of what it is like to get barrelled, but it actually is valid, a truth validated by a countrywide Surfer Magazine poll, that more than 50 percent of surfers feel that riding the tube – not just surfing, but particularly, riding the tube – is the only thing in the world better than making love. On that note, I will finish this article, and hopefully leave you with the idea of knowing the truly amazing thrill of getting tubed.

Just like riding a bike, you’ll never forget your first time, and you will only get better and better the more you practice.

About the Author

Jeffrey: Ecology and surfing are 2 things that I love. I support eco tourism in Costa Rica and birdwatching.

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