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Turning 50 – Congratulations or Commiserations?

Article by Susie Davids

So you’ve reached your half century – congratulations! 50th birthday gifts are inevitable when you turn this merry age. There might be a surprise party organised for you, or you might prefer a quiet dinner with the family, a small party with just your closest friends, or nothing at all.

Hitting “nifty fifty” might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Sure, when you look in the mirror, you might see a few more wrinkles and a few extra pounds and you’ve probably got a few aches and pains, but hey, so does everyone. Maybe you’ve spotted a strand or two of grey hair, but nothing that a touch of hair dye can’t cure. After all, “If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old.” – James A. Garfield.

Celebrities are NOT immune to getting older despite their protestations. This year, there are a slew of celebs hitting the half-a-century mark this year, from the most powerful person in the world to Hollywood’s most die-hard bachelor. The likes of Barack Obama, George Clooney, Boy George and Susan Boyle will be hitting the big 5-0. Other stars turning this ripe old age include Meg Ryan, Eddie Murphy, Michael J. Fox and George Lopez, to name but a few.

So, is turning 50 a death sentence? Not at all! Remember when you were 13, you might have thought 50 was your grandmother’s age? Now you probably realise that your grandmother’s age is really the new “40?. You learn to love the skin you’re in, with its imperfections. When actress Sharon stone turned 50, she told interviewers she wasn’t afraid of aging. “Hey, I might as well get on with it.” She also claimed she hasn’t had plastic surgery and nor does she intend to. “Like me or don’t like me – and if you don’t like me, then pardon me, but (buzz) off!”

As well as receiving 50th birthday presents, there are other great things about this time in your life. Your children have grown up and left home. If you don’t appreciate the peace and quiet of a calm, tranquil house, surely you enjoy having full control over the TV remote and being able to get into the bathroom?

Not only that, you’re probably close to retirement – definitely cause for celebration! Or perhaps you’ve retired already. You might have paid off your mortgage and for the first time since being a tenacious teen, you’ve got some extra wonga to play with. Possibly the best thing about turning 50 is you have more time to enjoy the things you love. Now’s THE time to live senior life in style; maybe start a new hobby, or take that long holiday you’ve always promised yourself.

Keep in mind you’re never too old to try something new and can have an opinion about literally everything. Now, you probably don’t care about what people think. You have a half-century of wisdom to help make decisions every day. You’ve more time to do the things you love and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

Seeking 50th birthday gifts? For something truly personal and stylish, opt for personalised birthday presents. Add any name or personal message to items such as malt whisky labels, champagne bottles, mugs, calendars and more.


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