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Twelve Times Five, which is Sixty Minutes of Productive Time

Article by Mitch Johnson

There are many times in our life that we have wasted our time on small things. We might not realize it, but at the end of the day, we realize that these small things have wasted our time. In this article we will read how it affects our productive work.

Now that looks bad does not it, wasting one hour of productive work.

These two thoughts are enough for any normal person to make some haste and see that there are no unnecessary delays because of that person.

But still in the course of our daily life, we come across what we call emergencies. Unforeseen events take place, like your car might refuse to start, or the might be a puncture, or some guests might walk in just when you are leaving. Hey, we are only human and catastrophes are bound to happen. Just see to it that others are not kept waiting because of a slight misfortune that you encountered.

If you have a cell phone(every body has a cell phone nowadays)it would be best to call the other person and inform that you are late. As long as you can inform the other person your offence becomes pardonable.

In case you are unable to inform the person then you really must make amends. Do not, and I repeat it, do not take it for granted that the other person will understand. Too many things have been taken for granted in today world. You have to go out of your way to apologize for being late.

If you are unable to meet the person on the said day, it would be an excellent idea to send the person a sorry note to make up for your mistake. At least in the way the person can know that you did make a sincere effort but things were beyond your control. Such gestures really streamline our relationships with others.

So what do you if you make good efforts to be on time but still do not, because, well because of no reason in particular. It happens you know. You start to get ready to go well in advance and everything works out fine without any catastrophes on the way. But yet you reach the place a couple of minutes late and everyone stares at you in disapproval.

In such cases the solution is to work your time backwards. Sounds strange, huh, Well, let me explain how it works. You should start to calculate the time you need to reach your destination not starting from your home but from the destination itself. You could try writing it down till you becomes comfortable with such a mental chart.

Your chats will look something like this.Time needed to reach the office in the elevator 1 minuteTime needed to park car and pick up things 1 minuteTime needed to find parking space 5 minutesTime needed to drive to office from home 10 minutesTime needed to reach car park from apartment 3 minutesTime needed to lock apartment 1 minuteTime needed to dress and get ready 15 minutesTime needed to shower and dry yourself 10 minutesNow you just have to add up these figures and you will get an exact idea of how long it takes you to get to office. Again there is something left to do. You may have to make allowances for certain things where crises may crop up.

There are particular things in life which we cannot avoid. But we have to try to manage so our disturbance will not effect others schedule.

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Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for,,

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