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Two-Year-Old on The Premises

Article by Yaly

If we’re born with beautiful ringlets of naturally curly hair, we’ll go to great lengths (pardon the pun) to straighten it. If we’re short, we’ll wear the highest heels possible without tipping over or twisting our ankles, because we wish we were tall. And if we’re not so well-endowed on top, wellyou get the picture. Just ask my second born. She remedied that little situation by getting “enhanced.”

Are any of us really ever happy with the cards we’re dealt in life?I’m the kind of gal that’s always yearned for a royal flush, but instead, I got dealt a full house–and not exactly in a card-winning way.

Since I was about eight years old, I always wanted to have four boys. That was my dream. My Aunt Dorothy, my mom’s sister, had four boys and, oh, the fun she had raising them! No, I’m not being facetious. She really did have fun, and I got to witness it all as my cousins and I grew up together. My aunt even had fun naming her sons. She adorned them all with the same initials–David Michael, Dennis Martin, Daniel Mark, and Donald Matthew. Is that a hoot, or what?!I used to imagine the good times I would have with a house full of boys. You know, the gender without menstrual periods.

Lucky me, I started my period in the fifth grade at the na?ve, innocent age of 10. Apparently, God has a sense of humor. I was jumping rope, playing hopscotch, and changing Kotex pads every hour. And in case you’re wondering, we didn’t have tampons then. My periods were Hence, I prayed and dreamed and wished for boys. I didn’t want to have daughters that would be cursed to start menstrual periods in elementary school and go through the agony of unbearable cramps and mood swings–not to mention the joy of “bloating.”

Well, let’s fast forward to about twenty-nine years ago. That’s when I had my first child–a girl. My second baby? Another girl. My third pregnancy? TWIN girls!Like I said, God apparently has a sense of humor.I’ve been a childbirth educator and lactation specialist for many years. I introduce myself to the pregnant couples in my classes by saying, “I’m a single mom with four daughters, including a set of twins–which actually translates into four weddings to pay for and a house full of PMS!”I always get a big laugh.But I wouldn’t trade my girls for all the frogs and skateboards and baseball bats on earth.After all, they’re going to provide me with the boys I’ve always wanted–four sons-in-law!

I repeated the childhood poem on myriad starlit nights and finished with: “I wish for a baby sister.” God would hear I told myself, for wasn’t a wish like mine the same as a prayer? Perhaps God heard, but He chose to answer in a slightly different manner. When I neared four, He sent me a baby brother. At age eight, another brother joined our household. Even so, I continued to watch for the first star of the evening and repeated my wish. No baby sister arrived. When I’d nearly given up, my parents informed me there was to be another baby.

My heart soared with hope. Finally, my baby sister would be a reality. It didn’t matter that I would be sixteen when she made her appearance. All through the months of waiting, I watched for the first evening star and repeated the same words “I wish for a baby sister.” She’d make her appearance in May, which pleased me for it was also my birth month. In May, trees blossomed and grass showed a new spring green coat, the sun warmed us, and gentle rains urged tulips from their winter’s sleep, the perfect time for my longtime wish to come true

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