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UFC 116 Odds Preview: Lytle against Brown a Welterweight Disappointment

Article by Lynn Smith

Maybe fanatics of MMA gambling at the online sportsbook have become spoiled or too used to having one terrific UFC gambling game after another, but they can be pardoned for varying levels of frustration at the Welterweight game posted on the main card of the UFC 116 odds event.

The MMA gambling world will once again descend on the Nevada desert to see the spectacle of the UFC 116 gambling event in Las Vegas on July 3rd, the eve of America’s birthday. The UFC 116 odds event features some big names and some terrific competitors and the headliner, as always and as with all UFC gambling tournaments, will feature 2 of the biggest names in the sport (Lesnar against Carwin).

However the welterweight matchup on the UFC 116 gambling main card is a bit of a dog. {Matt Brown and Chris Lytle will battle each other for no other purpose than to fill out a bout card and collect a check.|For no other purpose than to fill out a bout card and collect a check, Matt Brown and Chris Lytle will battle each other. Neither of these competitors genuinely has any cause to feel that they’re anywhere close to approximating a reputable championship contender.

But when these 2 get their UFC 116 odds game underway, MMA gambling fanatics can most likely at least expect an action packed bout. The 2 have plenty of experience between them, Brown with a career record of 11-8 and Lytle with a career record of 28-17-5.

In fact, these 2 have put together to lose 25 games in their MMA gambling careers. That’s more games than most competitors even see at the UFC gambling level and so their experience can’t be discounted. Yet neither can their huge loss totals. And aggressive fighting and leaving themselves exposed are the cause of several of those losses.

So even while neither Brown nor Lytle are going to get into the UFC Hall of Hall of Fame, at least for three rounds on July 3rd they’ll be able to provide an engaging bout in the UFC 116 gambling event. There will be plenty of action though since both men like to mix it up. The primary difference between these 2 competitors is the power factor.

Lytle has practically no punching power while Brown has knockout power with 6 KOs on his record. This could play a huge role in how this UFC 116 odds game plays out with Brown having the huge advantage of being able to influence the flow of the bout.

Both of these competitors, nicknamed “Lights Out” and “Immortal”, are recognized for their careless behavior in the Octagon. So you can still expect them to be ready to put it all at stake, despite the fact that neither man has the amount of experience of a number of the other competitors on the card.

The bout is going to serve as a rematch between the 2, which is another intriguing aspect of this bout that may compensate. Their first game was back in 2007 in the now defunct United Fight League (UFL). Lytle defeated Brown with a guillotine choke in that game. So we may see some kind of revenge fight happening here at the MGM Grand Arena on July 3.

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