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Valuable Safe Home Security, Burglary, And Robbery Prevention Tips To Keep You And Your Family Safe When At Home

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by dbking

Article by David Roman

Please pardon the pun, but when you review recent crime and fire data, as well as the Department of Justices’ “crime clock,” it’s easy to see why it’s time to have a home security system installed. Consider these statistics:A property crime occurs in the United States every 3.4 seconds; a burglary…every 14.3 seconds; larceny-theft…every 5 seconds, a violent crime…every 23.9 seconds and a robbery…every 1.3 minutes. And these are the crimes that have been reported to the police; many more are not.Fire-related statistics are equally disconcerting. For example, every 22 seconds a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the United States. A residential fire occurs every 84 seconds. Nearly 80% of all structural fires occur in residential properties. On a positive note, there are ways to decrease the likelihood that you will become a victim of crime or fire in your home. A recent study by Rutgers University proved that professionally installed alarm systems deter the probability that homes will experience a break-in. This study also proved that the more homes with alarm systems in a neighborhood, the safer the neighborhood. In addition to having a security system installed, it is very important for you to make sure your home looks alive and occupied, even when you’re away, to give potential criminals clear signals that your home is not a desirable target.When it comes to protecting your home with a home security system, your absolute priority is the ground floor doors and windows. Over half of break-ins reportedly occur through the front or back doors; another 23% occur through first floor windows. Nearly 10% of burglars gain entry through a garage. Given these statistics, it easy to see why your priority is to protect the first floor of your home. And don’t forget the basement (if you have one); unsecured basements provide yet another opportunity for entry into a home. Complete home security involves more than just crime prevention and detection, it also includes environmental threats like fire and carbon monoxide. So when considering a home security system, give serious thought to installing at least one monitored smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. These devices provide twenty-four hour protection whether or not you activate your alarm. Perhaps that’s why many insurance companies offer bigger premium discounts to homes with monitored smoke detectors.Safe Home Security’s alarm systems and services are designed to place a blanket of protection around your home to deter and detect burglaries and robberies, as well as alert you to environmental emergencies like fire and carbon monoxide. Safe Home’s security systems utilize the industry’s latest technology to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure. In many cases, the cost for monitoring per day is less than or comparable to a cup of coffee. Plus, Safe Home Security offers no-obligation home security assessments; a Security Consultant will complete a “walk-around” of your home with you and advise you how to best protect your home in the most economical manner.Safe Home Security’s basic alarm systems are designed to secure your first floor windows and doors, then allow for customization in accordance with your home security plan and priorities. Your home’s design may be different in some manner. For example, you may have a patio door or dining room that must be secured. That’s why Safe Home allows you to select and install additional equipment (e.g., motion detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, low temperature sensors, etc.) to fully protect your home, family and valuables. Remember, many crimes are driven by opportunity, the likelihood that the criminal can commit that crime without being caught. Home alarm systems reduce the ability to commit the crime without notice thereby lowering the value of the opportunity to the criminal. With the average dollar loss per robbery offense totaling over ,200, it’s easy to see why home alarm systems clearly pay for themselves, not to mention the potential discount on your homeowners insurance premium and the peace of mind they give you.

About the Author

Safe Home Security, Inc. engages in marketing, installing, and servicing security systems for most residential and commercial security applications. Customers receive 24-hour monitored protection from crime, medical, environmental and fire-related emergencies and may choose from a full array of professional security equipment and services, including master control panels and keypads, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, door and window sensors, motion and glass break detectors, medical alert products, CCTV camera systems, access control systems, digital cellular back-up products, interior and exterior sirens, hold up buttons, smoke and fire detection products, and open and close notification. Safe Home Security, Inc. was incorporated in 1988 and now does business throughout the United States. The company is based in Cromwell, Connecticut. For more http://www.safehomesecurityinc.com

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