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Visalus Review “Scam” or the Fastest Growing Home Business in the world?

Article by Gehrmann Glendenning

When evaluating any MLM or Home business opportunity there are several key factors you have to look at to ensure it’s not a scam, and that you can achieve success and earn money. After all, if you are going to put your time, energy and money into something, you want the best possible chance of getting the highest return possible. This Visalus review will uncover the truth, cut through the hype and give you the answers you need.

Visalus Review- The company and owners

Having started 6 years ago,Visalus is not a start up company, which means they are solid and not going to go out of business, so it’s good start. In Business, whether it be traditional, or network marketing, home business, mlm, 98% of Business fail in the first 2 years, and of that only 10% survive the next 5 years. If you want to earn residual income you have to look through the hype of start up companies.

The owners and CO founders, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola have a history of success in the Network marketing Industry. Also Ryan Blair the CEO has a very successful traditional business background. Ryan currently has the #1 Best selling book, on Amazon, New York Times, Barnes and Noble and Itunes..

Visalus reviews- Ryan Blair

Also they have a billion dollar giant, Blyth inc. backing them, so things look good from a funding side. They also have a very experienced and seasoned Executive Management team, with top Executives from other multi billion dollar Direct sales weight loss nutrition companies. Their core focus at this stage is weight loss, weight management and nutrition, all of which are big markets that one can make a substantial business from.

So one can assume that the company is built on a strong foundation of success, with offices in Florida, Michigan, and Beverly Hills.

Visalus Review- Products of Visalus Sciences. Do they Work?

With a core focus on its body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, Visalus Sceinces focuses on weight loss, and has cutting edge, effective products, that to date have helped people lose over 5 million pounds in the last 12 months alone. Visalus shakes are getting great reviews online and its coined as “the shake mix that tastes like a cake mix”, and the Visalus ingredients are cutting edge, safe and super effective.

They also have a solid range of energy drinks called Nero and to add the VI-Pack, patent pending nutritional/anti aging formulas. Visalus is pioneering the web 2.0 weight loss market. They are on track to be the #1 weight loss company in North America by this time next year which is pretty impressive, and a huge opportunity for those who can see the future and the challenge going mass market.

The products transform lives 90 days at a time, are getting rave Visalus reviews, and are priced to please for the economy, which is a key factor to a successful, long term business.

Visalus Review- Business Opportunity?

With obesity being one of the biggest health epidemics in North America and the world, Visalus is poised for long term success. The US Government reports that by 2017, 2/3 people will be overweight, now that’s a big target market, pardon the pun.

Visalus has reportedly had to date 22 months of consecutive double digit growth, which translates to one of the hottest home based business in North America today, and it shows no sings of slowing down. This, unlike allot of Internet hype you hear, is verified, and is getting them huge press. They have recently been featured in The Wall Street Journal and also several times in Success Magazine. It’s pretty impressive to say the least.

Here’s the skinny on the Visalus review, and the numbers are impressive;-25+ (1.3 per hour) people everyday drive away in a brand new Shinny black BMW and earn $ 1-3,000 a month-in last 18 months Visalus has produced 100+ 6-7 figure Income earners-80,000+ new people monthly joining the challenge-5,000,000+++ pounds lost in the last 12 months through the body by Vi Shakes challenge-July 2011, the first $ 1,000,000 bonus check issued to the first ever Crown Ambassador, Jason O’toole.-September 2011, the second $ 1,00,000 bonus check was issued to new Crown Ambassador, Kyle Percetti-15-40% growth monthly for the last 22 months-voted Turn Around Company of the year by the DSA-Featured numerous times in Success Magazine

Scam or Money maker? mmmm…

One could say that they are in the magical time of momentum, the time where most millionaires in the Network marketing industry are made.That may explain why so many Home business and Network marketing industry leaders are now walking away from 6 and 7 figure incomes to build a Visalus Body By Vi business. They understand the element of timing, and that there is something very special about this company and timing in the industry, not just in North America, but globally.

Why Do Professional Networkers in the Home based Business World love the Visalus Compensation plan?

Visalus Review- So is it a Scam?

The only concern we could find on Visalus is rumors about the BMW bonus being too easy, and that some people were losing their cars as they could not maintain the qualification. But the reality is the BMW car program is so simple to reach, 25+ people everyday to be exact are qualifying for the visalus bimmer club BMW program. Therefore its also very simple to maintain and you can also take cash in lei of the BMW so everyone can chose if they want to take the BMW or a cash bonus instead. 100% of the people who hit the bonus may not maintain, but thus is life. But it’s much easier than any other car bonus in the entire industry, so this concern is not really even valid.

Many leaders in other companies are jealous, as most car bonuses you have to spend years grinding away to reach the requirements. Where as in Visalus you can earn a free black BMW in as little as a few days to a few months depending on how fast you grow your business. One can see why other leaders would be jealous.

So if you are serious about being the next success story in the home based business industry and positioning yourself for success, Visalus sciences and the Body by Vi would be a safe and profitable pick. Visalus is a true 5 star opportunity and is far form a get rich quick scheme or scam.

Visalus Body By VI- Scam or Money Maker?

Definite Money Maker, the numbers and incomes being generated are like nothing ever seen before in the home based business industry, and only just getting started.

All you have to do if find the right team, and mentors and go to work to ensure your piece of the Visalus pie is biggest.

Good news is, you can position yourself with the #1 Income earners in Vislaus Body by Vi sciences and other of the 7 figure earners who are just about to launch their Visalus Business just click here or click the link in the resources section. Timing is everything and by acting fast you can lock in your top spot, if not now then when? After everyone has already joined before you?

Money Maker 5 Star All Round

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