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Was the Prison Break Episodes Finale Really Great?

Article by Dr. Simon Smith

Fox television series Prison Break was being declared that fourth season would be the final of the series, the writers still had to work on six episodes. This provided them enough time to wrap things up in a proper way. The creators were quite happy as the final two episodes was a great conclusion to the show. But unfortunately, the two Prison Break episodes titled ‘The Old Ball and Chain’ and ‘Free’ were never aired by the network. Things didn’t turn as the creators expected.

However, diehard fans of Prison Break need not worry if they haven’t caught these two episodes, as their storyline appears to be isolated from the main theme. Their pace is quite different from the pace of the other episodes of the season. The story feels quite rushed, with every concept jumping from one to another.

Nevertheless, these episodes provide the missing links to the series finale. If all the episodes had been caught consecutively, the journey towards the finale would have not ended in a bumpy ride, as it turned out to be. The inclusion of the episodes would have explained the death of Michael in a detailed manner. If you catch Prison Break episodes online, you will find many loose ends, which were left dangling in the finale. These would have tied up in a perfect manner, if the two episodes had been included in the series.

All the same, the finale was ultimate as many good members, who survived the escape were free and clear. Moreover, Paul Kellerman had granted official pardon, which had removed the possibility of any person being hunted down in future. Sara had been forcefully imprisoned. However, the viewers would have been happier to see her eventual exit, which would have given her a clear and free status.

Most of the Prison Break enthusiasts would be surprised to know that the two unreleased episodes had been combined to form a movie called Prison Break: The Final Break. So, the fans need not fret that they missed two episodes of their favorite Prison Break TV show. They can easily catch the movie.

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Nevertheless, even if the show didn’t last for more than four seasons, the craze for the show has not diminished, and people still cannot control themselves to watch Prison Break Episodes at any cost!

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