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Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 4 – Pot O’ Gold A

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by L D M

Article by Gilubot Moko

Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 4 – Pot O’ Gold by I now! You can hit it off the link in order to start viewing for free!

It also happens to be a musical. And while those haven’t traditionally done well on television, and the very mention of the word might make you think of “Cop Rock” or worse, “Glee” is completely different in this one regard: It’s great. Will’s job will be to make Glee Club cool again. It’s not going to be easy, because he’s got a ragtag group: Artie (Kevin McHale), who’s in a wheelchair; Mercedes (Amber Riley), the plus-size diva; Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), the rebellious stutterer; and Kurt (Chris Colfer), the boy diva. While Will attempts to mold them, he’s got one standout star, Rachel (Lea Michele), the hyper-driven, egotistical girl with the note-perfect voice, and one diamond in the rough, Finn (Cory Monteith), the quarterback with good looks and a real passion for show choir.

What Murphy has created with “Glee” is something both ambitiously spectacular and loads of fun. The trick he pulls off amid this tonal chaos (comedy, drama, musical, etc.) has a lot to do with the latter quality. Watching “Glee” is fun. You always get the sense that Murphy’s keen sense of winking at the cliches – jocks versus nerds, cheerleaders versus the less beautiful, the put-upon teachers, etc. – is something he pursues with, pardon the pun, real glee. He takes convention and flips it on its head. But that would be easy to do in a dismissive, completely ironic way. What Murphy does with “Glee” is give it an earnestness that blends nicely with the knowing sarcasm. He creates dramatic story lines while endlessly skewering the comedic mother lode of high school, and then wraps it all up in a musical.

In about 24 hours, we’re going to find out if Fox has rewritten the rules on how to market and launch a new show, or if they’ve just discovered a new way to fail. Late tomorrow morning, the overnight ratings will come in, and we’ll see how “Glee” performed after one of the more unusual roll-out strategies in recent memory. That’s really the only hard number we have to look at so far, unless you want to count the 4 million who watched last week’s director’s cut, or the less than 3 million who watched the “Tweet-peat.” But as the latter two figures involve a dressed-up rerun of a show many had already seen (probably many times over) on the week before Labor Day, it’s hard to factor them for much of anything.

“But . . but … ” they insisted, “they had high school show choir sing ‘Rehab’! And that girl from ‘Spring Awakening’ did a song from ‘Lez Miz’! And …” It can be fun to hear choir teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) show the kids how to tackle Kanye’s “Gold Digger,” or amusing to watch semi-closeted choir member Kurt (Chris Colfer) try to blend football and Sasha Fierce in an attempt to impress his macho dad. But those moments aren’t enough for me to overlook the way my skin crawls whenever Jessalyn Gilsig comes on screen as Will’s insane harpy of a wife, or to not be annoyed by how broadly most of the supporting cast is drawn.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH >>> Glee Season 3 Episode 4

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