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What is a Felony Expungement Lawyer?

After being convicted for a felony charge, a criminal record is created. Due to this criminal record, it was impossible to get into a good professional organization and acquire a respectable position in a company. Therefore, for employment purpose the state government permits the expungement of criminal records. The person will no longer get stuck with the record of criminal conviction. To get the criminal records destroyed or sealed you have to hire a Felony expungement lawyer. The expungement lawyer will further the meaning of expungement. Having a record an expunged refers to the sealing or destroying arrest records, which will help you in qualifying for a job you, are eligible for. The expungement lawyer will then make sure that your fingerprints as well as booking photos are destroyed from the police records.

In order to get the criminal record expunged you have to follow some fundamental rules. A good expungement lawyer knows all of the requirements and formalities involved in the process. With his knowledge and experience he will guide you all along.

1. The basic requirement to get the conviction expunged is the required passage of time. An expungement lawyer will make sure that you fulfill the requirement a specific time period. The time period begins after all the sentence conditions are completed.

2. The lawyer will then explain you whether your conviction is eligible for the expungement or not. Certain violent and serious crimes do not fall under the category of expungement. The state government reserves all the right on this requirement.

3. Another situation that can make you ineligible for any expungement is, when you are convicted for another crime committed after the crime for which you are seeking expungement for. The Felony expungement lawyer will shed more light on the subject, if asked.

4. To obtain and expungement, the Felony expungement lawyer will file a motion to get a court order that has to be signed by the judge. A criminal history report is also required.

5. The Felony expungement lawyer will guide you properly in case of a hearing, if required by the court, to go smoothly.

6. Finally, after the judge signs the accord order, you criminal record is expunged. You conviction record is cleared from that public database and the information is also sent to the FBI records.

The whole processor expungement runs smoothly with the help, guidance and experience of the Felony expungement lawyer.

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We can expunge your misdemeanor or felony criminal conviction anywhere in California. Never fear a criminal background check again. Take our free online test to see if you qualify.
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Question by : How do you get proof of felony expungement in georgia?
I already pulled my criminal history thru gcic and the charge i was arrested on doesnt exist on my criminal history.

Best answer:

Answer by You asked so…
If it isn’t there, isn’t that proof that it is expunged?

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Under the bill, a person convicted of a crime in the CNMI may petition the court for a restoration of rights in the case of a felony or to expunge all records in case of a misdemeanor under two circumstances. The bill, however, will not grant a right …
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Michael Bowdish, Sharpsteen Law, – (727) 381-9522. Florida Criminal Law FAQs Disclaimer:
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3 Responses to “What is a Felony Expungement Lawyer?”

  • Khultan:

    ‘The record can still be retrieved by anyone who requests it from a local court house.’

    Ha ha ha…the way the law operates in California, if not the entire nation, U.S. citizens who naturally can contribute to society but, unfortunately, HAVE(?) to carry a first time non-violent/petty crime would probably consider the idea of just migrating out of the country…and human resource in ANY capacity, in any legal business should be valued.

  • ExpungementReform:

    You should really read California Penal Code 1203.4 and 11105 to see if its worth it. So far, the record can still be retrieved by anyone who requests it from a local court house. The record can also be retrieved anytime a person submits his or her fingerprints for government employment, certain private employment, state licensing, applying for a foreign visa to travel abroad, and increasingly other measures that have been proposed throughout the country. Google Expungement Reform Today.

  • surebetcom:

    I thought this was a joke, until I called, and with little effort. Sophia at RGB helped me in a lot of ways. Thanks Law Offices of Richar Boire, I haven’t forgotten you guys!

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