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What Is A State Clemency Or Pardon?

A good question by a loyal reader! A clemency is the act of completely removing one’s criminal past. It’s performed by the state in which the conviction was originally recorded, executed by the governor of that state, It’s similar to a presidential pardon but on a state level.

How difficult is it to receive one? You may be better off hitting the lotto! It’s an extremely daunting task. It’s a political decision, not a question of forgiveness. In theory it’s suppose to be based on the length of time that the crime occurred and if the person requesting it has stayed crime free. But in reality it’s something most governor’s won’t touch.

Here’s why along with an example:

Lets say 40 years ago you were charged with a rape or murder at the age of 20 ( or any felony ). Since that time you’ve committed no crimes, lived a clean life and in fact wished you’d never committed that crime. You’re now 60 years old, certainly much wiser. You’ve served your time years ago, 40 years ago. Now you wish to open a small grocery store but in order to sell beer you need a liquor license.

In order to get the license you must have no felonies when they perform the background check. You surmise, ” I’m going to apply for a clemency to get that crime remove”. You apply to the board, granted a hearing ( they will hear your case in most situations ) and get your hearing date. A few months later you’re sitting before a hearing board ( usually 3-5 people ). You begin to explain your reasons for a clemency along with the fact that this crime is old. After you’re finish guess what will happen? Members of that board will ask and interrogate you to no end. One would have thought that the crime happened two weeks ago. When they finish they will probably ( most cases are NO votes ) vote no. Why?

The hearing board vote is a recommendation to the governor. Do you think that a sitting governor that might even have high aspirations for some other office is going to approve your request, especially when most governors run their campaigns on crime? No! Matter of fact I know of many sheriff deputies that viewed these proceedings that tell me they don’t know why there are pardon or clemency hearings. Many have never seen a person granted a ‘yes’ vote.

If many board members could speak to you privately they’ll say to you, don’t even apply.

Please note: This article is not an opinion one way or the other as to whether this fictitious person and example should have been given a clemency or not given a clemency, or even if they deserved a clemency, I’m simply explaining how most clemency boards operate!

My suggestion: Open your store, just don’t sell beer!

This author submits professional articles to His articles informs citizens about how to handle different situations when confronted by the police. He is a former award winning police officer. Mr. Davis is an authorize speaker to young police recruits in Louisiana. He is also a master in wilderness survival. He studied criminal law at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In addition, Mr. Davis has been a featured guest on many television shows detailing how to detect rogue police officers as well as a defense against such officers. This author is also working with Authors Stephen Peach, the award winning ex swat officer of California, and Mike Madigan. These two authors have also dedicated their lives to exposing rogue cops. Mr. Davis will be at Barnes and Noble, CitiPlace Ct., in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at a book signing on April 14, 2007, from 1:00pm – 2:00pm. The author is single and resides in Louisiana.

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Question by SYDNEY 2055: Is a STRIKE by the border patrol the best way to free the two jailed agents?
If the border patrol strikes, it will force the government to enforce our leaking borders and it will force bush to pardon the jailed border agents.

Best answer:

Answer by billypowell88
i dont know yet

Add your own answer in the comments!
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27 Responses to “What Is A State Clemency Or Pardon?”

  • Jesi:

    Federal law enforcement officers can’t strike. But every citizen should write to their congressperson encouraging Bush to pardon those men.

  • Karl:

    i agree with the answer that states that Border Patrol is not allowed to strike, much like the Police and Military, striking is illegal. as are unions. however, you’ll notice informal unions amongst these organization ie “Soldiers Association” in the Army, “Fraternal Order of Police”, etc etc….. these informal organizations give political muscle where unions are illegal. Also, you’ll notice what is affectionately referred to as “Blue Flu” where everyone takes their sick time and vacation at the same time, thereby forcing their agency to give in

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