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What Is Search Engine Optimization And How Can It Boost Your Brand

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by skampy

Article by Ryan Malone

If we look back not even ten years ago, the idea of Search Engine Optimization was something that lot of us would have scoffed at the thought of. With the Internet being an underdeveloped idea at the time, we all still referred to the phone book when trying to find a business, or even calling directory assistance.

Fast forward 10 years into the future, and everyone has internet access no matter where I go. Personally, I carry a cell phone that has mobile internet access, and an iPod touch for accessing my mail on the run. With risk of sounding lazy, my phone book is still sitting in the garden where the delivery guy left it several months ago.

To get to the point of all of this, what people want in this day and age is accessibility. They want to be able to find what they are after on the spot. A phone book usually comes in two volumes, whereas Google is usually sitting right in your pocket, ready to be searched. This is convenience, and this is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

In order for your business or website to get the attention that it needs in the search engines, certain promotion is needed. This comes in the form of keyword placement on site, and work that is done off site, which usually consists of what is known as backlink generation. There are a variety of these methods out there, you simply need to use Google to find them. Please, pardon my pun…

All of this is known as Search Engine Optimization, the very method that is used to rank a website number on in Google. However, the problem is that there are a lot of SEO experts and crafty webmasters out there who are a jack of this trade, hence, competition in just about all niches is quite high. If you are a webmaster, and you don’t know how to rank a page by now, it is best to learn it fast.

In all essence, there are many methods of SEO that you can use. For example, there is what is referred to as “White Hat SEO”, which is ethical promotion off site, that results in evergreen results in the search engines, and there is the notorious “Black Hat SEO”, which is very risky, and can result in fast rankings, but can also result in removal of websites from the Google index. The key is in finding a method that works for you and your website, learning it back the front, and always keep promoting. That is the only way to win in the search engines.

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