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What Is The Sedu Revolution Hair Straightener?

Article by Harris Salinas

<img src=”http://www.folica.com/images/products/8253-002257.jpg” align=”left”>If you buy a Sedu flat iron you will be purchasing one of the most well liked on the market. They are mid-priced, come with solid ceramic plates and with adjustable temperature control. But, are they a match for some of their competitors’ fresh models? The solution is that some are while others aren’t. Let’s get one thing straight [ pardon the joke ]; A Sedu is an example of the best flat irons available. They’ve received plenty of hairstyling awards and a lot of pros use them. However, they aren’t the sole hair straightener which has received hair awards and is adored by professional stylers. And, several brands newer models now come with features that make straightening hair easier and make hair stay straighter for longer. A Sedu is often compared to a CHI flat iron with plenty of preferring one for for the results they are getting. However, with the new selection of CHI flat irons, Sedu may find its market slipping. Let’s take a look at each model available and see how it rates. The Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron [ 1″ ] has been on the marketplace for some time and remains a huge seller. It has solid ceramic plates that are covered with tourmaline crystal – tourmaline emits 6 times more negative ion that does ceramic [ negative ions seal the cuticle and keep the hair’s moisture causing less heat damage and make hair straighter for longer ]. It’s also light, weighing only 0.9 lbs. And is a low wattage appliance, using only 72 watts, so it’s cheaper to run. It now retails for around , so its price is pretty competitive for a top quality styling tool. There’s also a 1 0.5 ” plate version, which features precisely the same features but ships for a higher price of about 0. Comparing both these models with the first CHI flat iron we find the Sedu models are cheaper, which is a real plus point. The CHIs are also heavier though they do heat up quicker, come with longer power chords and use only 35 watts. However, what actually makes the Sedu the better iron is that it features variable heat control, while the CHI is fixed at 385F. If you’re thinking of the 2 tools, you should definitely choose the Sedu. The Sedu Revolution Nano Tourmaline Hair Styler is new. It includes 1″ plates, weighs only 0.65lbs, adjustable temperature control between 180F – 450F [ 120C – 230C ], and fast heat up time. It also includes something called a Freestyle Guiding System that forestalls hair from slipping out at the end of the tool’s plates. The plates also have a curved edge that helps forestall snagging and permits hair to be curled as well as straightened. Its ticket is around 0 and it’s a very good hair styler. But it is rather old fashioned when compared to the new CHI Nano Ceramic Digital 1″ flat iron. This tool uses something called Nano Silver Technology. This eliminates bacteria on the tool, creating a germ-free environment every time you use it – you’re going to see this featured more on newer flat irons; the Corioliss also uses this technology. Just like its competitor the plates have curved edges. It is more expensive, retailing for around 0. The CHI Nano Ceramic is the best flat irons; the two and I might suggest you Just like its rival the extra on purchasing it. If you would like to spend around -, you spend the Sedu flat iron is a great tool for the price, but if -, the advocate you spend the CHI great tool for theSedu Revolution Flat Iron and obtain access to it go to http://www.squidoo.com/sedu_revolution.

About the Author

Harris Salinas writes regularly about health related topics. I hope you enjoy this article.

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