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What should I do to get my ex back?

Article by Joe Bsley

Breaking up from someone you have loved can be both painful and emotional. You are sad, you regret their absence, you feel wounded and very depressed. You are constantly asking yourself, “What should I do to get my ex back?”

If you read all the books you can, consult websites, and perhaps take counseling about the question they will only be of limited help. You must think your problems through in a common sense manner. Respecting and being polite with your ex can help you go even further in helping you mend your relationship.

If you can’t stop thinking about the break up and “what should I do to get my ex back?”, proceed as follows and so give yourself the opportunity of returning to the one you love so much.

Be serious and don’t be like many other people during a break up, playing games and behaving with the other party and trying to get an unfair advantage over them. Telling people that you don’t care or care more than you really do, it may feel good to deceive them at the time, but you will soon be caught out.

Don’t play games. This is very important, but unfortunately many people resort to this during break ups because it gives them a sense of power. If you can make the other person think that you don’t care, or you care more than you really do, you’re manipulating them and that can feel great for a little time but this feeling will not last long.

You will soon understand that your mistruths and trickery aren’t get you very far and any of the good things you do will likely not really be seen as such; they will be hidden by your previous poor behavior.

By pretending to be going out or in love with someone else to render your ex jealous may work from time to time but, if you are caught out, most times it will make the break up final.

It may act as a two edged weapon. Your ex may want you back because they are jealous that you have someone else, or they may feel that as you have moved on you do not care much for them. It will likely be too late for you when you learn which of the two they are actually feeling.

In any relationship or situation you should not let your anger make you appear to be mean. Even if you are feeling hurt if you are wondering “what should I do to get my ex back?”, you are still ready to pardon them. If you couldn’t, you would be pleased it was all over and the last thing you would want is for them to return.

So think about how you have been behaving. If you were your ex, would you be wanting to talk to you and spend time together with yourself, or would you be dreading the thought of this? You want to be someone who the other person is missing, so behave courteously and avoid arguments even if you are angry. Try to control your emotions and be someone they are missing.

“What should I do to get my ex back?” Behave yourself and so help you ex to remember why you were both drawn together in the first place. They will remember the good points and forget the others, and this will help you both to get back together again.

This is the start of winning your ex back. They were the first steps I took when I lost the love of my life and they were not my ideas. I asked T ‘Dub Jackson when I could not see the way forward to getting back the person I loved.

T ‘Dub’ has written a simple, easy to follow plan in his book “The Magic of Making Up” And now we are back together and in love more than ever before.

Joe Bisley

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About the Author

Joe Bisley writes articles about human relationship problems

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