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What to Expect When Buying Mens Scarves

Article by Lim SM

Whether shopping for you or for someone else, scarves are always the ideal gift. Not only do they keep you warm, they are also fashionable and great to wear to numerous occasions. Although some men shy away from wearing mens scarves, they are ideally the best way to add color and fashion appeal to one’s outfit. Made of different materials, scarves are an affordable way to look stylish without breaking the bank. Mens scarves are pieces of fabrics that can be worn around the neck during winter or cold days. Some men wear scarves on special occasions like dinner events because they lend a semi-formal appeal. The variety of different colors and patterns available make them unique items that can be matched with simple or neutral colored shirts and tops.

If you’re looking for quality men’s scarves, check out this range of scarves from Target. Target is an American retailing company founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902, and is the second largest discount retailer in the United States. If you’re looking for something unique, try the Men’s Multi Stripe Scarf in blue from Target. You can wrap it around your neck while wearing a simple knitted sweatshirt and look great, or for a different twist (pardon the pun), twirl it around your neck and leave a small part hanging down your front shoulder. That way you attract attention with the multi colors and you’d be sure to have girls going gaga over your fashion sense. Plaid is another interesting pattern for scarves. Check out the plaid scarves made of thinner materials. These ones can be tied around your neck in a simple knot. Pair them with a sleeveless T-shirt and you would look all hunky throughout the day.

For alternatives in plaid scarves or other unique looking scarves, try this range of scarves from Karmaloop. Karmaloop itself boasts of being an “alternative” boutique providing cutting edge culture outfit. Founded in 1999, the company takes different approaches and has many other brands under the company. This is probably why their scarves have a unique touch to them. Check out the Von Brue-Ski Scarf, which is is made from 100% acrylic and features LRG’s Von Brue-Ski print and design throughout, particularly the numbers “1947” on them. Fabulously bright in color, it will definitely put a smile on your face and the face of others who spot you in them.

Besides focusing on the look of the scarf, you should also focus on how a scarf would feel when wrapped around your neck. You would want a scarf that is comfortable and provides warmth (admit it, men are creatures of practicality) throughout the usage. Thus, there is no material as comfortable as cashmere. Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fiber obtained from the Cashmere goat. The word cashmere derives from an old spelling of Kashmir. The material is known to be fine in texture, and also strong, light and soft. It is also warm when made into garments such as scarves. Look out for the Geoffrey Beene Men’s Cashmere Scarf which is available in four different colors.

An alternative to cashmere is, of course, wool. Wool is a type of fibrous protein material taken from animals such as sheep. Cashmere from goats is also a kind of wool, but wool encompasses many other creatures. It is often elastic and definitely provides warmth when needed. Celebrities such as The Jonas Brothers have been spotted in these scarves. For similar scarves, check out the Argyll fringed scarf from Bernhard Willhelm which will guarantee you to look younger in a matter of minutes. Its bright color attracts just enough attention for a night out in town. For something less jarring, look out for the the Anders Scarf by Coal which features a knit stripe and checkered pattern throughout.

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