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What’s UnChristian about Entropy?

Article by Robert McCluskey

Previously I wrote about the connection between expectations and actuality. That relationship can create frustration, so I furnished a few recommendations about how we can improve the relationship to reduce frustration. In this piece is I want to elaborate a little more about “reality.” Do not desert me before you get to the end. The subject may seem technical at first, but it really isn’t. For one thing, I don’t possess the technical skill to bewilder most people!

Scientists utilize a universal principle they call “entropy.” Fundamentally, entropy means that disorder always follows after order. For most of us this seems like common sense: Things stop working, folks age and societies decline. Yet, a bit more reflection uncovers a puzzle: “moving to a state of disorder” leads to the conclusion that order existed at some point and that it was most likely perfect order. If that is valid, then entropy has not always been a universal law. Scientists explain this by supposing that order can be inserted into local systems for a while. According to them, we can have evolution for a limited time and in a limited setting (like on a planet).. Evolution is only a transitory, local phenomenon in certain settings.

However, science limits this rationalization by revealing to us that growing order in one time and place has to occur at the cost of even more disorder in some other place and time. In other words, they insist that physics and mathematics need entropy to be a universal principle when considered in a universal framework. Really, that is okay with me. A few folks have told me that it is unChristian to see eye to eye with scientists on this topic, but it seems accurate to me, at least at this point in time.

The Bible tells us that the universe was made by God and that God viewed it as it a good job. (Genesis 1:1-31) Further reading in the Bible reveals that He created human beings with the intention that they live forever, without illness or death. We also learn that the first human environment was perfect. It did not even have weeds! Human beings did not need to labor to look after it because nothing was amiss with it. (Genesis 3:1-24) Human beings could concentrate on their relationships with God and with one another because they did not need to focus on surviving in a hostile environment. I characterize it as a time and place of “no entropy.” It seems to me like complete order, with no disorder.

But then sin enters the picture. Apparently, Godset only one imperative in this perfect universe and the first man and woman decided to break it. (Genesis 3:6) The Bible indicates that this tainted not only their relationship with God, but the elemental nature of the world.

In comes entropy. The perfect universe started to collapse into disorder, both morally and physically..(Genesis 3:17-24) To be sure, human beings are smart enough to initiate some local, temporary systems that seem to be orderly, but they come at the expense of the world as a whole, and ultimately they start to deteriorate. It is true that instances of organization arise but the general universal inclination is in the other direction.

So, How does this talk of physics relate to frustration?? I’m going to mention two essentials about the nature of the Christian life that can help us with our point of view:

Entropy is normal in this universe. At this place and time in the history of our world, it is normal for vehicles to deteriorate and for people to get old. Governments collapse and people are hurt in a system with entropy.. All systems, from human beings to vehicles, are located on a continuum between perfect and non-existent (entropy). Thoroughly note that there is no continuum from “perfect” to “imperfect.” Everything that is not perfect is imperfect. Imperfect is a finished state, without gradations.. Much of our frustration stems from the fact that we are taught to “strive for perfection” in everything we do. When we look in a mirror we compare ourselves to a model, or to some younger, healthy edition of ourselves. We are so dispirited by comparing ourselves to perfection that we can’t mount the energy to optimize reality.. We can’t be thankful for our cars because our image of them is the view we stored on the day we first saw them. We will be unable to escape from our frustrations until we embrace a realistic concept of how our lives “really should be.”.

We are currently living in an abnormal universe, but we won’t be here much longer. When Satan influenced the first humans to designate their own desires more worthy than God’s will, he not only robbed us of our lives, he stole our universe. Our souls have already been redeemed through God’s pardon. He is going to release and restore our physical world at some point, as well. Until that time every person who is living in a human body will be continually tempted to make the same choices that the first people in the universe made, to become completely preoccupied with living and pleasure in the current world. This, too, is normal, especially for the “flesh.” (Galatians 5:16-26) For the moment we fight to exist like people who are prosperous and healthy and not like people who are hopelessly poor and fearful. Living in this blemished universe is abnormal for Christians but, for now, we have to accept it. Accommodating it at this time and living for the glory of the coming world is a speedy departure from frustration.

I am sometimes asked, “Does that concept imply that I am supposed to be delighted that I’m growing old, feeling ill and my automobile is out of order?. Is it unChristian to be displeased? The answer is clearly “No.” Keep in mind that frustraton is not caused by your discontent about your situation. Frustration comes from your expectations about your circumstances. it’s possible to be discontented about something without being frustrated about it. I often think about my aching joints, and I don’t respond by telling myself that it isn’t important. But, the truth is that when I was a young man I didn’t even believe I would be alive at this point. This viewpoint helps me to comprehend the futility of coveting or fearing any future minute.

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