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When Looking For Jobs, Bristol Is A Great Destination

Article by Sarah Boothman

The recession has left thousands of graduates out of a job or struggling on a minimum wage whilst they toil away in a job that has nothing to do with their chosen career. It is fair to say that many small businesses have really suffered during the economic downturn and this has led to redundancies and closures. The combination of these two factors has led to massive unemployment and higher numbers of people on job seekers allowance than ever before.

The government and many other agencies are trying their hardest to get people back into work, even if it is not the most high profile career. The sun newspaper runs a ‘sunployment’ section advertising the latest jobs with the biggest employers in Britain. There are also many companies offering temporary jobs in call centres to help with training and learning new skills which will be an advantage when looking for a more permanent career.

However, some people do not want the recession to hinder their career dreams and are willing to relocate in order to find their perfect role. When looking for jobs, Bristol is one of the best cities to look at. They have large financial, legal, healthcare and engineering sectors which are ideal for graduates and experienced workers alike.

As one of the biggest cities in England, there is also a large range of civil servant and public sector jobs available in the city centre and surrounding suburbs. These types of jobs are open to most people, so long as you can present yourself in a professional manner and make the most of all your work and non-vocational experiences. One of the key skills that employers are looking for is the ability to communicate, so you can practice talking to people you do not know, improve your knowledge of the English language and learn to be more confident as these will all help when writing your CV and going for job interviews.

So when you decide that you are willing to relocate to find the perfect jobs, Bristol should be your first port of call (pardon the pun)!

About the Author

Finding a job has been made extra hard since the onset of the recession eighteen months ago. When looking for jobs, Bristol is an ideal location die to its large sectors in the fields of finance, law, healthcare and engineering. Three more ministers adversely mentioned in the Chogm probe report have been exonerated by parliament. Minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Hope Mwesige, State Minister for works John Byabagambi and State minister for Tourism Serapio Rukundo were cleared of any wrong doing when an NRM dominated House resumed debate on the Chogm report this afternoon.

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