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Why Are People Happy?

Article by Simrika Sharma

The statistics show that about 50,000 Himachalis are ready this year to enter into the 70th year of their lives. They have reasons to be happy because a recent survey in Britain has found that older people are happier than those half their age and a Gallup phone survey on Americans concluded that older, male and Republicans are happier people.The Americans, like most of the Indians, have tagged happiness to a political party and gender. I do not believe it. I dare to give mantras of happiness to the 50,000 of my brethren about to step into my ‘decadal age’. I am happy because I am apolitical. I am happy with the BJP when it shouts against the price rise and happy with Congress when it says the price rise is because India has progressed and people can afford to buy costly onions. I am happy because I know that my brain cells are stagnant with no further growth; so no brainy job.I discuss pension plan but not the five-year plan. I am happy that my secrets that I had told to my friends were safe with them as they, like me, were also undergoing the process of memory loss. An example of my memory loss is that I can locate my infant grandson and my mobile when they make a sound. I am least bothered about the meteorological warnings because my joints cast the shadows before the coming events. I feel happily equal to those in my age-bracket when someone tells me that such and such has been operated upon for stones or appendix because I am also a minus bladder, minus appendix man.I am happy that whole of Shimla knows me because I generally forget my glasses at home and misplace whosoever passes by my side on the Mall as somebody whom I knew when my eyesight was six by six and greet him or her. He or she, honouring my grey hair, reciprocates. I am happy that I am in seventies but my teeth are at sixes and sevens. I am happy that I will not die of road accident because now I am so cautious that even when I have to cross a footpath, I look both ways and get assured that no vehicle was coming. Not bothered about my lower stamina and depleting recalling sense, I am happy for my longer experience and higher forehead with hair missing from the front scalp and that the barber spends less time on me. I have long forgotten that lights are turned out for romantic reasons too and when my young neighbours switch off the lights early, I feel happy for their economic wisdom. I felt sad when our children left us one by one but now I feel happy when they come to visit us four by four. My brethren, I know many more mantras but I have forgotten those. Please pardon me.

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