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Why Can’t I Get Insurance With a Criminal Conviction? (The Answer Is You Can!)

If you have a criminal conviction you know how difficult it is to get insurance. However, it is an urban myth that you can’t get insurance with a criminal conviction or if you do that the policy premiums will be excessively expensive.

Insurance companies evaluate potential policyholders based on risk. The problem is it is far too complex and expensive to gain detailed information at the quote stage. They rely on information that you present to them.

One of the questions you may be asked is “Do you have any unspent criminal convictions?” Often answering this question with “yes” is enough to stop the quote process.


It is accepted throughout the insurance industry that ex offenders present a higher risk than someone who does not have a criminal conviction. Statistically, this may be true. For example, almost half of people released from prison go on to re-offend. Statistics do not show the full picture though.

Government figures estimate that eight million people in the UK have an unspent criminal conviction and by the age of 53, one in three men have had a conviction. Not all of these convictions result in a prison sentence. Certainly, many of these would not affect insurance risk if an insurer looked at each case on its own merit.

When requesting a quote for insurance with a criminal conviction, assumptions are made about you. The first is your character and integrity is called into question. The second is that you may go on to re-offend and not be in a position to pay premiums.

Of course, it is unfair and very frustrating.

Having a criminal conviction should not automatically make you high risk.

There are specialist insurance companies that understand this and will provide insurance at competitive rates even with an unspent criminal conviction. Do not make the mistake of confusing these companies with brokers who simply do not ask if you have any unspent convictions.

Just because your insurance company does not ask if you have unspent convictions, does not mean that you do not need to inform them. Insurance law requires you to disclose any material facts that may affect the insurers decision.

An unspent criminal conviction is a material fact, and there is no getting around it.

These days, it is not normal procedure to send out quote forms with a multitude of questions on them. Insurance is often sold online or over the phone. To make the process quicker for the bulk sellers, questions that should be asked often are not and standard statements of material fact are used.

However, these material fact statements form part of your policy small print. By accepting the policy, you agree that these standard statements are in fact, true.

When was the last time you read the small print on an insurance policy? Many people don’t.

Finding competitive insurance with a criminal conviction can be time consuming and frustrating, not to mention expensive when calling all those brokers just to be told no! Contacting a specialist insurance broker directly will save you a lot of time, effort and stress.

To contact a specialist broker who can help you and discover more about ex offender insurance issues, you are invited to read

From prostitution to drug addiction and a short spell in Holloway Prison, Marilyn Wisbey is no stranger to the issues affecting ex-offenders and their families. She works voluntarily with ex-offenders and recovering addicts on various projects and strives to bring the social and economic issues faced every day by ex-offenders in the UK into public view.

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Question by KNN: Criminal Conviction?
How would you answer this question? Have you ever been convicted of a felony, or a misdemeanor? Conviction of a crime for this response does not include any conviction for which the record has been judicially sealed, expunged, eradicated or reversed on appeal.

FYI: There was a conviction over 10 yrs ago that has been expunged. Not sure how I should I advise my friend to answer as this is for a job application for a bank.

Best answer:

Answer by tina m
Once a conviction is expunged, it no longer exists. Your friend, provided there have been no other convictions, should answer “NO”.

What do you think? Answer below!
High court allows Siegelman, Scrushy corruption convictions to stand
After years of litigation, the justices in an unsigned order allowed the criminal convictions to stand. The specific question was whether a campaign contribution can constitute bribery if the contribution was not made in "explicit" exchange for a …
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Insurance with criminal convictions BBC One Inside Out

Clip from BBC One documentary “Inside Out” highlighting how millions of people might have useless insurance policies if someone in the household has a criminal conviction. Features the story of Michelle Barber, who is being asked for £240000 by her insurance company due to a £120 fine she received due to unknowingly giving the benefits agency incorrect information. Also features Chris Bath of UNLOCK talking about the charity’s campaign on this issue.
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One Response to “Why Can’t I Get Insurance With a Criminal Conviction? (The Answer Is You Can!)”

  • savvy_recruiter:

    If it has been expunged, then that means it is no longer on his record and it will NOT turn up during a criminal background check. He should answer no.

    Besides, all the fancy verbiage is saying that he does not need to divulge anything that falls into those categories. That includes expunged convictions. He should be good to go.

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