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Why I Love Vinyl – And You Should Too!

Article by Amitosh Kumar

This mail is enthusiastic to Vinyl Records.

I love vinyl. I love vinyl more than I love apple pie a la mode. Supplementary than sunsets on the beach. Even more than a set of make somewhere your home I know.

I hold been an all-vinyl DJ instead of 8 years right away, and hold been told several era with the aim of I’d “have to” enthusiasm to digital. Have to? Go to digital? That’s like impressive Paula Deen she’d hold to bring to a close using butter. It’s critical of my religion.

Why hold I chose to live purely in the analog humankind? Don’t I need to worth a processor to DJ?

Well I’m glad you asked.

1. Vinyl is REAL

I’m not chatting just about “keeping it real” at this time (more on with the aim of later). I’m saw vinyl is a corporeal object. Not recently more or less information sitting somewhere in my processor. A information is zero’s and one’s. I can organize a top score in my dispense. I own it. It’s mine. I can take it unfashionable every time I mean. And my processor doesn’t even hold to be on!

2. Vinyl Has Monetary and Sentimental Value

How much are the 100,000 mp3s on your processor worth? Hmmm. Hard to say. You possibly will hold bought them instead of a dough (or so) all, but are they really WORTH whatever thing? Well, my vinyl collection- it’s worth a set. And it’ll be worth more the longer I hold it.

There is so much more WORTH to vinyl that’s not monetary. I remember exactly someplace I was, who I was with, and I beg your pardon? The weather was like as I found a top score I had been searching instead of instead of years. How excited I was to hold the top score in my dispense, go to see the cover, amusement it, and take it in, and amusement it again and again! Every phase I take the top score unfashionable I feel with the aim of same emotion. It brings back serious memories. Which brings me to my subsequently situation…

3. Digging

Digging instead of vinyl is an experience in itself. For one- there’s the excitement of verdict records you’ve been looking instead of. But digging is additionally a social experience. You are in a save with like-minded people- being around make somewhere your home who love song as much as you organize is enlightening. Digging in the crates additionally teaches you more just about the song itself. You possibly will pick up a top score and listen in to it and amicable up your humankind to a entirety new-found comedian or genre. Digging itself is an art- ask someone who’s made it!

4. It Sounds Better

Music on vinyl sounds richer, fuller, and recently better. I one time played by a private club and the proprietor came up and told me with the aim of their sound approach sounded astounding with the aim of night. It’s for the reason that they were used to digital DJs, and in comparison, vinyl was superior!

5. The Original knack of DJing Was On Vinyl

If you don’t know someplace you’ve stretch from, you won’t know someplace you’re free. Respect the pioneers, realize the craft, and compensation deference to them.

6. It Makes Me A Better DJ

Ask a few DJ and they’ll tell you- mixing on vinyl is more testing. That’s why I smack of all preliminary to DJ learns on vinyl. You’ll be a better DJ by the put an end to. I worth my ears to mix, not my laptop. There are “DJ” programs unfashionable near as it should be right away with the aim of organize all the operate instead of you. It’s a poignant state of affairs. It’s the difference relating amusement “Rock Band” and in point of fact knowing how to amusement guitar.

7. I Don’t Want To Look Like I’m Checking Facebook

Sure, this possibly will be a more vain intelligence, but honestly. Have you seen these DJs with their head in the laptop the ENTIRE night? Gentleman, I beg your pardon? Are they liability? Playing solitaire, performance emails, working on an Excel Spreadsheet? There’s a crowd unfashionable there- you might mean to check them unfashionable!

8. I Care About The Music I Play

Every single top score I own I in point of fact LIKE. And I get a hold hired to amusement the type of song I like. On the other dispense, if I were a Wedding DJ- catering to the bride and groom who mean “The Chicken Dance”… Well… I can understand why more or less DJs enthusiasm with the aim of way. I don’t mean to own a few Lady Gaga records. So I don’t amusement folks gigs. On a elevation be aware of: DJs you organize hold a diversity! Get gigs with the aim of hire you to amusement I beg your pardon? You mean to amusement!

9. My Records command Never Crash

There are so many examples I may well worth at this time. I’m sure thing you’ve skilled deceased air by a program. Even Top DJs by Top Shows hold succumb to the stopped laptop. This would by no means transpire if the DJ brought vinyl. If you’re free to amusement a laptop- BRING BACKUP MUSIC.

10. People Have To Know What Good DJs Sound Like

I think make somewhere your home these days are getting used to deceased air in the private club. Bad mixes. And DJs who amusement on iPads. *shudder* That’s why I’m characters this article. Join me in the vinyl revolution. Demand talented DJs in the private club. They can be vinyl or digital DJs, recently succeed sure thing they’re good- and specialized, and please succeed sure thing they’re in point of fact liability the work- and not the processor.

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