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Williamson County Texas Expunction Attorney

applying for a pardon
by L D M

Article by John C. Prezas

Would you like a clean criminal record? Were you arrested in Williamson County, Texas, or one of the surrounding counties? Were you found not guilty, acquitted by a Texas appeals court, or pardoned of the offense? Were you arrested only to learn no charges were ever filed by the Williamson County or other Texas prosecuting attorney in your case? Was your case dismissed after charges were filed? Was your fine only traffic offense dismissed after you completed court-ordered community supervision?

If any of these apply to your case, a Williamson County, Texas expunction attorney may be able to help you expunge the case from your record. If any of these apply to the case of a deceased loved one, and you are the grandparent, parent, spouse, adult brother, adult sister, or adult child of the deceased person, you may be eligible to seek an expunction on their behalf.

In Texas, the expunction law allows a Texas expunction attorney to expunge both felony and misdemeanor offenses from your record, though the particular requirements are different.

What does an expunction do for you? When your Williamson County, Texas Expunction Attorney files a motion with the appropriate court seeking to have your record expunged, he must give notice to all parties that possess records regarding your arrest and the investigation of your case. If your Williamson County expunction lawyer convinces the judge hearing the motion to order your record expunged, then all those parties given notice must destroy all their records relating to the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of that case, including a wide variety of your identifying information. An experienced Williamson County, Texas expunction lawyer can help you figure out the wide variety of agencies that may hold this information and help make sure your record gets as clean as possible.

Why is it important to have your record expunged? Why do you need a lawyer?

The mere fact of your arrest, even if your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty, can seriously affect your life. Apartments may not lease to you. When you seek financial aid for vocational, technical, college or university programs, certain federal and state may deny you funding. Some employers will refuse to hire you. Some banks will refuse to loan you money. Certain types of public assistance may refuse to grant you aid. These are only some of the possible consequences of having an arrest on your record. In many of these situations, the person or entity refusing to deal with you will not care whether or not you were ever found guilty of the underlying offense.Don’t let an improper, false, dismissed, or unprosecuted charge cast a shadow over the rest of your life. Consult an experienced Texas expunction lawyer to learn whether your case qualifies.

John C. Prezas is an experienced Williamson County, Texas criminal defense lawyer. He helps people in Williamson and surrounding counties expunge their records so they can leave their past in the past. Find out more at

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