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Work at Home “Beware”

pardon letter
by lisby1

Article by Tiffany Pluciennik

Working From Home “Beware”

Do you feel that every where you look there is another money making idea? I sure do, and I’m seriously getting tired of the scams! I wish I had a scam whacker (relative of the weed whacker, but bigger), to just go in and whack all those scams away. You know what we would be left with? Good, legitimate work from home jobs. I’ve spent the last six months doing research on work from home jobs. No matter how many times I figured I discovered the main scams I’ll be shocked with six more. So if you do the math, for every one scam I find there are six more out there getting away! That is frustrating. Why do I do it? Because I don’t want people to fall victim like I did. I’ve been suckered into a few work from home scams. In my defense, I just wanted the money to make my life and my husband’s better, but in the end I ended up hurting our financial situation more.

I call them the Deadly Work from Home Scams

Beggar Site – A beggar site asks you for money before you can do anything. If a website ask you for money up front then it’s a scam in my book. Why should you be paying them? If they can’t afford to let you work there for free then what makes you think they can afford to pay you later down the road? If you seriously considering doing that, take the money that they’re requesting and flush it down the toilet. Both are full of shit (pardon my language), and you won’t see it again.

Auto Surf Site – Site that surfs other websites to make money. In the end you’re actually paying more out of pocket expenses. For example and auto surf site that I joined (no names) to investigate had the following pay scale. 10,000 credits equals $ .015. Every 10 secs of auto surfing I received 3.5 or 3.8 credits. Let’s just say it was 3.8 (yeah up by.3) there are 60 seconds in one minute. So let’s do the math really quick (I know this is not school).

(3.8c/10sec)(60sec/1min)(60min/1hr)(24hr/1day) = 32,832 credits per day. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “that isn’t to bad for doing nothing at all.” But I forgot to mention that they cap it at 10,000 in a 24 hr period. If you want to be allowed more credit you have to pay them for it (please see what I said about beggar sites if you’re thinking about dishing out some money.).

Seriously this isn’t worth it! The strain on your computer is one of the many problems that this can cause. Also you have to consider spyware that is out there, and if that doesn’t get you maybe your electricity bill will. If you pay less then five dollars to keep your computer running 24/7 seven days of the week, then be my guest. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Bank Transfer Scam – One of my favorite scams. Yes, some rich cousin died and left this man millions of dollars that he can’t get to. Honey, if I had a rich cousin and he left me millions of dollars I wouldn’t be asking a complete stranger to get the money for me so that we could split it. Instead I would start selling things around my house. Buy a plane ticket and collect the money where ever it was at. These scams are almost like the criminals that “phish” for people’s identity information. They’re “phishing” for a bleeding heart aka a sucker. Do I really need to say more about this scam? If some stranger writes to you talking about how they have a great new business opportunity and it requires you wiring money somewhere. Write them back the following, ” Tiffany said that if you wrote to me I’m suppose to take the money you’re requesting and flush it down the toilet. Because you both are full of shit.”

E-bay Scam – This one is a little bit trickier. There are some legitimate e-bay sellers out there, which are looking to bring people on. For these you need my scam whacker (now on sell for two cents). If they request your personal information or user name don’t give it to them. Instead ask them questions, their user name, their feedback information, their rating. If they want you to sell products using your name, go ahead and laugh. Does that make sense to you. Why would a power seller want to use a new person? Think about it…

Well my hands are starting to hurt from all of this typing. So I’m going to end the article here. But stay tuned I have a lot more information on sites that are still under my investigation. Next time I’m going to have to make a list of them but until then you can visit me at my site. Drop in write me a nice letter saying hi and why you love me so much. Just Kidding. Take Care!

To Be Continued….

“The Working From Home Guide”

About the Author

I currently live and work in Sunny California (although, right now it’s pretty cold and overcast). I enjoy reading, mainly mystery novels and fishing. I also enjoy writing erotic interracial fiction. When I’m not doing either of the above I can be found with my husband trying to make the world go round.

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